Navneet Kaur Gossips & Biography

Navneet Kaur personal Biography & gossips :

She an good actress. She likes Andhra Pradesh because of family affections are good in andhra. When she in happy mood she dance very much. She like her parents so much. When she in sad she share her problems to her sister & also cries by telling problems to her brother. She wants to good understandings between husband & wife. She praise mother Theresa very much. She is an very sensitive , innocent women . Her life philosophy is “ BE TRUE TO OTHRES AND BE HAPPY ALWAYS”. Now she si donig T.V shows & stage shows .she also looking for an boy friend. who will cares only of her.

About Navneet Kaur :

she likes to do any type of characters in movies. She earns 10-15 lacks per movie.
Her sexy appeal are her body & eyes . while doing in hot scenes or songs .she has more beautiful than her natural beauty. Her exposing creates naughty feeling in any mens minds. She prefers to do expose in films. She had some dating was done with rohit . but now she avoid that & concentrated in her carrier.

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