Sameera Reddy Gossips & Biography

SAMEERA’S Biography & Gossips :

Sameera reddy is an good actress. She know good tailoring works. She loves children very much. She hates parties. She don’t want to go away from her family . she walks during in sleep. She tells that she gives more priority to tollywood because she born Hyderabad. And her father own palce is RAJAMANDURY. So she feels like a telugu girl. She loves SLAMANN KHAN. Very much in her teen age. She is an Classical dancer. She learns KADHAK dance at PANDIT VEERU KRISHNA MAHARAJ. So she has no suffers in doing any type of dance in movies. She hates makes up also. She has two sisters. SUHMA, MEGHANA. Public in Mumbai are calling her as JENNIFER LOPEZ. She feels proud of that & she takes as a best compliment. At present she doing more projects in Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, and Hindi . she wants to fights to loosing her star Image. She don’t want to tell about media Either Good or Bad. She just loves them only. She hates media when any bad gossips are written.Sameera says that Offer in race movie are by god’s grace only . she says it is the one of the best movie in her life. Her life philosophy is to fought for every thing in life. She don’t want to marriage now . at present she concentrates in her carrier.


she takes 50-60 lacks per movie. She looks very beautiful in any wears. She looks most glamour in hot scenes.
She makes any shows very hot with her body moments. She has many fans in all over world. She wants to improve her expressions in different scenes in films . her sexy appeal was her eyes and smile. She don’t hates to
do exposing in movies. Her body shapes looks like an beautiful statue.

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