SNEHA Profile

Senha is the one of the leading actress in south Indian films. He looks like as a pure16 years telugu girl. Actually She is born in Mumbai & lived in Dubai . her first name was “RADHA” but coming in to movies she renamed as “SNEHA”.Here Some of Profile of sneha.

Birth Day : May 4.

Height : 5 feet 7 inches.

Sexy appeals : Eyes, Smile.

Family : Father, Mother, Two brothers & Sister.

Entrance in films : when a show was conducting in sharja.she went to take an
Autograph at that time director fazal saw her & asked to
Act in his friends movie . but she waits for his family
Approval for an year. Then she got it .

First movie : her first film was not released in two years. In that time she Done 8 more films. After realized she got an tamilnadu state Award.

Favorite colour : white, rose, sky blue.

Favorite clothes : caprees, jeans, t-shirts,she don’t wear salvarkamizas.

Favorite car : present using Escort car . she also likes BMW cars.

Favorite sport : cricket, she watches the matches along with her father.

Favorite movie : mumdrum pirie (in telugu vasantha kokila) dilwale
Dulhaniya le jaenge is her all time favorite movie.
She also like road to prediction,forest gump & telugu movies
Like nine pelladutha,chandha mama…..etc.

Favorite hero : Tom hank’s,amita bachan, amir khan & kamal hasan.
Favorite heroine : Julia Roberts, rani mukarjee, saavethree ,radhika, suhasini,

Favorite director : mani ratnam ,gautam minan.

Likely hides : when she in sixth standard her father gave an katriyaar
Perfume as a gift that bottle as over till she hides it.

Beauty formula : walking, aerobics she drinks water much.& eats healthy food.

Life goal : always do the good movies.

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