Amrita Rao Gossips & Biography

Amrita Rao Gossips & Biography :
She is a very good looking women. She earns 40-50 lacks per movie.she don’t have any affairs in industry. she don’t want to do exposing in films . so , she has no more hot songs. Her sexy appeal is her smile. But she looks bubbly in her roles. Heroine Amrita Rao could not take leave from hero Mahesh Babu after the completion of the film ‘Athidhi’.

She wanted to continue her intimacy with him further and make a career out of it

She wants to get booked for another film with him.She made it a point to make frequent calls to him.

Though Mahesh Babu is tolerant enough to receive her calls even in odd hours, his star wife Namrata Sirodkar turned restive. She went to the extent of warning her not to make calls to her hubby any longer.

Amrita Rao is finding alternative ways to keep in touch with Mahesh Babu.

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