ISHA KOPPIKAR is a one of the hot actress in bollywood . she is famous from kallas movie. She is most famous as a iteam Girl . Her first film in tollywood is perma kavyam Then in candhralekha.

Some details of ISHA.

Nick name: Isha.

Date of birth : September 19.
Birth Palce : Mumbai.
Education : Graduate In Bio-Technology.
Height :5 ft 7inches.
Family : father Gynocologist, mother Bank employee.
Profession :Modeling and Acting.
Favorite colour : rose .
Favorite dish : chaines , pastees , Biryani.
Favorite Sport : foot Ball.
Favorite dress: Jeans , T-shirts ,any new styles.
Favorite Holiday Spot : Goa.
Favorite hero : Amitab bachan, Russel Crow.
Favorite heroin : Sree Devi.
Hobbies : reading books.
Sex appeal : Eyes.
Favorite Quote : Try as you can then leave it to god.

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