Katrina Kaif Profile & Biography

Katrina kaif:
presently a leading big actress in Indian Cenima. she earns almost 3 corers per film. Her time was good now because her each films was becoming a big hit. Katrina don’t wants to tell his personal details. So,
some of details in profile of Katrina kaif

Favorite hero : leonarodo decafreio,jonny deep (hollywood).amir khan
Sharuk khan, hrithik roshan.
Favorite heroines : kajol, madhuri dishith.
Favorite movies : umro jaan, gun with the wind.
Favorite player : Irfan pathan(cricket).
Favorite dish : curd rice.
Favorite colour : pink.
Family : father, mother & seven sisters.

Personal life of Katrina:

Her mother was British & father was an kashmiri.after father marriage they settled in foreign. So she is half Indian & half foreigner. Her child hood was in Hawaii. When she in teen age she backs in London. Katrina tells that she is an emotional person. And romantic also.she tells that no body can understand easily of his life. So many days she lives lonely & don’t meet with other people.
But she is changing now.she began to enjoy with friends. She is an open & freely women. She believes that if any matter can be hidden from others.then fastly that matter will shows quickly by others. She wants to avoid media because she don’t want to tell his personals to them.

Katrina says that she a lucky person. Coming from foreign to India she doesn’t suffered here.because she says that before foreigner her base was is Indian. So she could not face difficult problems in India. She did not trained in acting. But she wants to take acting as a challenge. She says that Indian people are praised her very well & gaved a top heroine post. This is rank is only because of gods grace.

Modeling gossips of Katrina kaif :
When she is in 14 she acted in a jewelers add. Then after she enters in to modeling profession. In model she had a number of opportunities. By doing that she comes into mumbai. After coming to mumbai her opportunities are increased
That time she acted in coco cola, lakhme, L.G, fevicol, veet..etc. then she got an opportunity in bollywood films.

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