Katrina kaif Biography & Gossips

Biography of Katrina:

Her first film was “BOOM”. After that she acted in telugu film “MALLESWARI”.
That movie was super hit .so she got offers in telugu films. This make her some time busy. she acted with vikram in tamil film bheema. She feels very happy to act with vikram because he is an national award winner actor. Then she acted in bollywood films like sarkar,mai ne pyar kyo kiya, gaves symbols in improved acting.

Gossips of Katrina :
Professional precautions :

She says that she getting’s hits in films so she want careful while choosing to act cenima’s. she wants to improve her acting.and also to improve her dance also. She want to concentrate choosing dresses in ads. In normal life she want to wear comfortable clothes. She waits for pack up while in shooting because she hates make up. She don’t oppose exposing in movies . as that she don’t want try to make her as a sex bomb. She don’t want to cross the limits in exposing. She wants to tell these ones to the producers.

About Katrina kaif :

Katrina is a very beautiful heroine. She is like a star coming from haven.She has an good chemistry with Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar. These two couple movies are big hits in BOX OFFICE. Her success rate is high acting with akshay kumar . But She love other bollywood hero salmann khan.these two love birds are love in since almost two years. But some time some problems occurs in this love Because of Akshay Kumar movies. Salmann slapped Katrina kaif during in shooting in his car. After coming out of car she covered his eyes with her glasses. At this time Katrina wants to escape from salmann khan’s love. Because of salmann’s rudy behavior.

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