Poona bajwa Gossips & Biography

Poonam bajwa personal Auto Biography & gossips:-She wants to supports women & her rights. She says that freedom must be given to women.she tells that if she didn’t an actress she want to become a TV journalist & news reporter. She has an head hake whiles doing her first film. She think that she doesn’t suite this carrier but some days she is feel good. She says that she starts a new program with high intensity,after some days she thinks bore and stops that program. She gots angry while an one comments her. She wins the title of miss PUNE. That feels her very happy memories. She thinks that her role husband was an good book reader & talk nicely . She Dis likes her cheeks,nose ,eyes, hair…etc.

About Poonam bajwa:
She is an good actress.her sex spot is her smile . She looks much beautiful in jeans & tops. She looks pretty in sarees. Her acting was average .In hot seens she is worst. Her all movies are almost flop & average. Her body moments in love songs are good. In jeans her body moments in any songs make sweating to the boys. she has no movies at present. But soon she will be busy.

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