Riya Sen Gossisp & Biography

Riya sen Biography :

Riya sen the hot girl cum actress in bollywood . her name will be headlined in every media almost every day. She born in filmy family . her mother (MUNMUNSEN) is a famous actress in bollywood in her time. She tells that her mother is more beautiful than her & her sister. She tells that her mother is her best friend .her mother gave freedom to Riya sen. She shares every thing to her mother.Riya says that she sings very well.she tells that oneday she wants to release her own Album. Riya says that she don’t want to change her Behavior when one billion dollar was come to her. She don’t want to marriage now she want to concentrates in her carrier .
Gossips of Riya:


She says that salman was a good friend of her. She tells that there is nothing between her & salman rasdhi. when some rumors are spilting in media .her mother was interested in such rumors. she said that her mother studied the mazine & smiled . Riya said that she cant do any thing with that rumors because her mother was accepted that gossips.


She is an good looking & hottest actress in Indian films. She demands 40-50 lacks per movie. Her sexy appeal was her eyes. Her moments and stills in songs & movies makes men’s interesting .she had a big fan following of men in world. Her bubbly & sexy looks add more beauty to her figure. All young one are crazy on Riya sen seens in movies & album songs.

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