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Personal gossips of sherya
she is a sexy actress in south Indian films .she had a good spiritual life in god . she prefers love marriage . she don’t want go angry on others . Her body moments & shape are good in hot seens . She tells that she likes prabhas in tollywood. Ravishing actress Shriya is a darling of the masses for sure but for actor Prabhas, she is more than just another beautiful co-star.”Most heroines are just colleagues and that’s all. But Shriya is my best friend, and it’s always fun working with her,” says Prabhas, who played the lead with her in Chatrapati. The duo also did an item number together in Munna.
We’ll have to wait and see if there is more to this friendship than what meets the eye.
‘Chemical Peeling’ is the new term that turned familiar to people with the film ‘Sivaji’. It was rumored that Rajni Kanth has underwent chemical peeling to look fair for a song. But many said that that it was only the magic of graphics and nothing else.
But the sources now say that Shriya has undergone chemical peeling now. But why Shriya should undergo this? She already looks fairer and beautiful.Inside talk is that that’s for a Hollywood film. It is known that Shriya is playing a Delhi call center girl in a Hollywood flick. Ashok Amrutaraj is making that film and the title is ‘The Other End of the Line’. So, to meet the color requirements of that film, she has undergone chemical peeling as per grapevine.She stays with picked up fairness for a few days, till the completion of her part before camera. She is now appearing too fairer to resist for Indian cameras.
she is the role model now in youth. She demands 50-60 lacks per movie. now she is busy in her projects .

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