Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Swetha in "Kothabangurlokam"

She feels it was a great experience to work with Praksh Raj,Bhramanandham,Jayasudha because she learned the plus amd minuses in acting.

During a shooting a song in kulumanali she fall down from rocks and injured herself.She says it was a bitterand a new experience in her acting carrer.

She says the role in Kothabangurulokam "Swapna" was quite different to her nature life.

In the movie Swapna waits for her boyfriend for four years but she tells that she can't wait even for two days in real life for her love.Her best friend is her mother.She shares everything with her mother.Her parents had given freedom for her to decide anything.

She looks pretty beautiful in "kothaBangurulokam".Her facial and lip movements is gave her a great hot look to her .Her sex appeal is her smile and teasing eyes.The gossips is that she is now demanding a ransom money after the mega hit of "Kothabangurulokam".

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