Tanushree datta Gossips & Biography

Personal gossips of Tanushree
She always likes to dream and try fulfilling her dreams. She tells Sexy symbol and glamour doll names are compliments to her beauty by the fans. She says Being Sexy is her luck even though there many in the industry who are sexy like Bipasa basu but her place is always hers only. She says that if she had any chance to work as U.N.O good will ambassador she wants to do that. She thinks that there is no peace in the world .At least she want to try establish peace. She tells that Andhra Pradesh people are very traditional people and she likes the way they work. She wants to do more films in Telugu if she gets any offers. She is proud her because of Jharkand government had released a stamp on her. She thinks that it will helps every women in Jharkand to fulfill their dreams. She was surprised to hear that she got offer from Warner Bros and she accepted it readily.

About Tanushree datta
Tanushree data one of the sexiest actress in Indian cinema. Her bold roles with Imran and in the songs makes youngsters crazy on her.Her sex appeal is her eyes and hair.
She had a great body that attracts any men. She earn around 50 lakhs per movie.She looks great in glamour roles than other.Her beauty formula is yoga and diet control.Some rumours are that She dated Imaran during the films with him and that

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