Twinkle Khanna Biography & Gossips

Twinkle khanna ‘s personal Biography & gossips :
She says that while acting in barsaat every one said that she is looking her mother.She loves her sister Rinky and her mother very much.Her best friend is her mother and she share every thing with her mother. Her role model is also her mother.Her mother guided her for every thing. She says every one thinks that they loss their personal life while acting but she doesn’t agree on that. She likes to do films even in busy personal life.
She is afraid of Media. She likes interior design a lot and design in free time .She now chosen interior design as a profession and opened a shop in Mumbai.She says that marriage had turn her life a lot .She says getting married to Akshay was her luck. She tells that Akshay tries very hard to satisfy her. She is now enjoying the life with him with her son.

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