Neninthe Seiya & Raviteja Movie Review

Neninthe Seiya & Raviteja Exclusive Movie Review


MUSIC : Chakri

Director : Puri Jaganandh

Producer : D.V.V Daniah.

Cast :

Ravi Teja (Ravi) , Seiya (sandhya) & vilan was yadhu who was famous as kaat raj.

Critics :

The hat Rick combination of Ravi Teja & Puri Jaganadh & Chakri is not worked for this film. What happened to puri jagan to choose this type of story after giving big hits for all big actors. He is the man turned ravi teja’s carrier. But he not do much in this film. Chakri music is average. There is not much of puri & ravi teja style comedy. he also not helped the ravi teja. The editing was too bad . movie was seems like an collected small documentaries. Ther is no relation between one scene to another. The story move differently . This type of story was only worked in news channels. Not in movies. This movie is seems to be puri was targeted the industry ,Media & internet. He said the realty of cenima men’s. how the media & internet was behaving in real life. He showed the struggles & What was the real life of assist directors & character artist in industry. The was bored at the end of the first half. This film remains a bad memory of hat Rick combination of PURI , RAVI TEJA & CHAKRI. To be frankly speaking the film was flop .

while comig in to the story starts with ravi teja (Ravi) & seiya(sandhya). Ravi was a assist director & seiya was an background dancer . she love ravi very much . she express her love to ravi. But ravi takes as simple and denies her love. This love will gone on at the end of the film. During in this yadhu brother raped & kill an artist . ravi is looking for those killers. Ravi wants to proof as director . but he could not succeed . one time he prepared & directed a film. But he vilan (yadhu) declared him self a director in that film . at the end of the film sandhya went to the yadhu & said that please declare the name of ravi as a director of the film. Yadhu listend & said to the sandya if u want declare Ravi name as a director u should give company for night. She agrees for that aggerment & came to give company .at that time ravi took yadhu brother who is the killers of artist (mumayat khan ) . then one long fight he destroyed vilan & his gang .at the bottom line of the film was finally ravi expects sandhya love & wins in his carrier .

Highlights :

Except seiya’s beauty & little exposing there is nothing in the movie.

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