Nisha Kothari Biography & gossips.

Biography of Nisha Kothari :

She was born in the Bengali-speaking Kothari family on November 30, 1989 in Calcutta, West Bengal. Her Father was a chemical businessman, mom is a house Wife, and she has an elder sister who is married. As a child she grew up in Calcutta, but most of her teen years were spent in Delhi where the family re-located subsequently. She is a Science Graduate from Dayal Singh College, which is an affiliate of Delhi University. She speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and even a little bit of Rajasthani. Her real name is Priyanka , She changed her name as Amogaa in south Indian films then she changed in to Nisha kothari.She started modeling initially in Mumbai, and she was signed for a Tamil movie titled ‘Jay Jay’ during the year 2003. Nisha did her first movie “Jay Jay” in the Tamil film industry where she is popularly known as ‘Amoha’ with starring Madhavan and Pooja. It is interesting to hear how she bagged her first movie. When actor Madhavan came for a Pepsi ad to Mumbai she just went to him and showed him her photos and the actor was very impressed with her and immediately called his South Indian director and asked him to put her for audition. And then she flew to Chennai and that’s all about how she entered the cine field. Following her box office hit in Jay Jay.She also appeared in a Telugu Varma movie ‘Madhyanam Hatya’ during 2004. In both the Tamil and Telugu movies she had a screen name of Amoha. This fame got Bollywood movie-maker Ram Gopal Varma to approach her and sign her up in ‘James’ ‘Sarkar’ and subsequently in the Sholay re-make ‘Ram Gopal Varma Ki ‘ Aag’ . when doing Aag .
Gossips Of Nisha :
She is very calm & peaceful women. She tells that she different from all those women who had spiritually good in god. Even once in a week she don’t want to pray . if its leisure she prefers to sleep more time. She is more interested in shopping . she continued learning dance at her child hood. she don’t understand how to react the gossips & rumors from media. She tells that ram gopal varma is a good person ,she praises him very much .because he is the man that gives nisha in big position in films. She condemns the rumors like dating with Ram gopal varma. She is branded as Varma’s Gril.
About Nisha Kothari :
She had very sexy look figure . she don’t oppose exposing in film .she do exposing when sprits demands. All people are gives sexy compliments to Nish when that time she likes once side & she Hates others sides. She had a young fans across India . she demands almost 35 lacks for film. she gives more sexy looks with her sexy eyes to youth . almost all youth are crazy on Nisha.

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