Sonia “Vinayakdu” Biography & gossips

Sonia who played the character of Shravs in Happy Days was like any other girl in her early twenties, till she was spotted by Shekar Kammula few months back. The twenty-three-year-old IT girl is now busy in her projects recently she done Vinayakudu. This is also a hit in her career.

Exclusive biography & gossips of sonia

she born and brought up in Hyderabad, equipped with a degree in computer applications. I have been working as a software engineer for the last three years in an IT company. she don’t have any filmy background.she used to participate in few events during my leisure time. Shekar Kammula spotted me during the Telugu cinema vajrostavalu celebrations . Then he called me for an audition. Initially, After looking at her performance, he offered me the role of Shravs.

similarities to Shravs character. Yes. There is Shravs in me. she don’t throw much attitude around, but there is definitely attitude in me. she take some time for me to mingle with new friends.

her family was respond well -They were little skeptical and anxious about it first. But they felt really happy after watching the film.
she accepted the Vinayakudu film in March 2008. she liked the script. It is an urbane story with interesting style of characterizations. It has an off-beat storyline and gripping narrative style. she tells that there is a lot difference between Vinayakudu & happy days role.she says that the story is the main strength of the film. There will not be any exaggerated drama. It will be a smooth and feel good film. she can’t say anymore about it as she have not watched the film yet. now she doing happydays tamil version also.

she is OK with people coming and talking to me. Since I acted in film, it is only natural for people to want to talk to me. she remember those days when she wanted to talk to Chiranjeevi when Aapadbhandavudu film was shot in our St. Ann’s college. When somebody says hi to me she treat them well and reply them. But she don’t like it when people call me Shravs from behind and expect me turn around and acknowledge them.

her role models are Genelia , tabu she like the way Genelia is handling her career. and she would like to model my career like Tabu by balancing between art films and commercial films. she loves Amitabh Bachchan the way he moulded his career spanning so many decades. she wants to do more these type of roles in her further films. she dont hate exposing but she tells that her body doesn’t suit for exposing.

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