Star cast : Shahid Kapoor,Genelia D’Souza
Music : Adnan Sami,Ken Ghosh,Sandeep Shirodkar

Directed : Ken Ghosh
Produced : Ronnie Screwvala
Distributed by UTV Motion Pictures
Releasing date:16-01-2010


Chance Pe Dance is stuff legendary Bollywood biographies are made of. Sameer Behl (Shahid Kapoor) comes to Bombay with Bollywood dreams, struggles through the day as a courier boy and keeps failing in auditions for advertisements. More stereotypes are stuffed in as he refuses to take help from his dad in Delhi (Parikshit Sahni almost repeating his Idiot act), is thrown out from his rented flat by the landlord (Kurush Deboo still unable to surpass his Parsi performance) and comes away with his calculative companion (Vikas Bhalla making his comeback). Soon Sameer is signed as the male lead in a film and friend Tina (Genelia D’Souza) is selected as the choreographer on the same project. The characterizations kinda remind of Naach ; Ram Gopal Varma’s film on dance, if you have heard of it by any chance. Both homeless and jobless now, Sameer sleeps in his car (yes, he could afford one after doing one lungi ad) and works as a dance teacher in a school. Regardless of the references it derives from Jack Black’s The School of Rock , the film fails to rock till the end credits roll. Subsequently Sameer loses his film and is disillusioned. Tina encourages him to participate in a television talent-hunt show, the winner of which will win the same role that Sameer was to play. In his screen-test, Sameer dedicates his monologue to his mother in the same mould with which most Miss India participants mouth their monotonous thanksgiving speech.


Chance pe Dance Movie Analysis:
Trying to write Chance Pe Dance movie review (Director: Ken Ghosh) starring Shahid Kapoor and Genelia is not an easy job. While walking out of the theater, I was trying to make out, what was that exactly? Is it like behind the scenes of a high drama reality show on TV? Have I watched something similar before? Am really confused!
The movie starts with the usual story about how, millions in our country aspire to become a star and land in Mumbai with dreams. So, motivated by his mother’s thoughts, that he has got the face and talent to be an actor, egged on by a teacher who thought, he is no good in studies…so only choice is to become an actor and inspired by a girl’s comment, that he is so cute, that he could be an actor, Sameer Behl also lands in Mumbai. Nothing quite happens in his life in 3 yrs and more, except that he owns a second hand car and yet trying his luck to get the big break in movies while doing some ads and other petty jobs like being a courier delivery boy! I couldn’t have guessed it, except for one courier delivery scene and the scene where he gets fired. Yes, he is a real multi-tasker. Though, some of his actions betray his experience, like the one while shooting an ad, he still gets thrown out unceremoniously, objecting to the beahavior of the kid who happens to be the son of the ad-film director.
Genelia as Tina looks good and has got a real cute smile, that can make boys fall for her. But, she has a lot of work to do in the acting department. She is the choreographer, while she takes lessons from Sameer and marvels at her dancing skills. Usual routine of guy challenging girl to a dance and then showing, who is the real boss. Have I seen it before? You tell me…
In a film with a much repeated plot about strugglers in the film industry, a cliched storyline doesn’t help its cause. Feel sad for Kurush Deboo, who plays a short stereotype Parsi landlord to Sameer with “added feature” of continuous itching habit. And obviously, Sameer owes money to his landlord, while doing out money to his friends for having coffee with girls. And before you know, he is thrown out of his apartment and in a new twist of events, without looking for any friend’s place to stay, he decides to live in his car. And now, I understood, the promo activities of Shahid – Genelia’s night out in the car. How innovative! 🙂
Quite early, Sameer gets the lead role in a film to be directed by Mohnish Behl and Tina is the choreographer. And then, you know, that things have to get worse, before they get any better. So, blaming it on corporates (interesting, considering that the movie is made by one of the leading Corporates), Sameer is thrown out of the project, while the producers launch a national talent hunt called Star of India to find the hero of their next film. And as you guessed it, the hero doesn’t want to participate, gets motivated by the heroine, falls in love in between as she shares her dream of the hero becoming a big star and then everything happens quite predictably.
In between, Parikshit Sahi as Sameer’s father is shown in a cameo as unconvinced father, based in Delhi, who wants Sameer to give up on his dream. Once his saree shop is demolished by MCD, Sameer returns to Delhi to lend support, only to be prodded by his father to go back and pursue his dream who happens to see his son’s tear-jerking performance on TV at the same time, as his son proposes to stay back and give up on his dreams.
I don’t know, whats with kids in all big movies, as if putting a few kids, including a cute little one who doesn’t talk (only video-no audio joke) will ensure Box-Office success. So, there is this bunch of kids in a school, who Sameer decides to coach for dancing to earn a few bucks…oh you thought, Sameer was the actor, and Tina was the choreographer, who also is the sister of one of the boys in the group. Never mind, actors basically are dancers as reinforced in the reality contest to choose lead hero, where in the auditions, you need to give a Oscar winning speech and in the finals, you need to just flaunt your six packs and dance.
The music of the movie is apt for the genre, but doesn’t move you enough and while they decide to dance at any chance, including giving an “audition with permission” including a nightclub where the (only) leading Director is present, Scripting and Acting Department is neglected. Wish, the makers also thought about “Chance Pe Act” while making this movie. With a slow, not-quite-moving-anywhere first half and a very predictable, lets-come-to-the-climax-fast second half, the movie leaves a lot of things to chance. Unfortunately, the final output may not be enough for the producers to dance their way to the banks. As many who newcomers in the film industry, the movie may find the going quite difficult and struggle at the Box-office.


Final View:
Sadly, scripts are written for reality shows today but there is no real good scripting involved in feature films. So in times when dance talent-hunt shows on television promise more drama and entertainment, you find no good reason why to give this dance a chance. Watch it, if you want to revise your knowledge about all cliches of the film industry aspirant’s life or, if you are a die-hard Shahid fan and I know, there are many.


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