Genre: Romance

Type: Remake (Kannada Taj Mahal)
Banner: Sri Sivaji Productions
Cast: Sivaji, Shruti, Kota, Nassir, Brahmanandam, Pragati, Sangeeta, Arti Agarwal (SA) etc.
Music: Abhiman Roy
Cinematography: V Srinivas Reddy
Editing: V Nagi Reddy
Dialogues: Gangotri Viswanath
Screenplay – director: Arun Singaraju
Producer: Sivaji Sontineni
Release date: 20 March 2010
Rating :


Taj mahal Telugu movie review:


After long time hero Sivaji find the root to sucess. This film not an very big hit but it will give some moral to audince. well coming in to Story’ Ajay (Sivaji) hails from a poor farmer’s family. He is a student who studies in an engineering college in Vizag. He falls in love with a rich fellow student called Shruti (Shruti). Shruti is a practical girl, but falls in love with a person she never met. She rejects Ajay’s proposal. She starts hating him. The rest of the story is all about how Ajay realises that parents love is more precious than love of a college mate.


TajMahal Movie Analysis:
First half of the movie is mediocre. Second half is better and climax is heart-touching. Plus points of the movie are story, lead pair (Sivaji & Shruti) and the climax. On the flip side, the first half should have been better and all-round entertainment is missing. Sivaji should be proud to produce such a story-oriented movie as his first venture. On a whole, Taj Mahal is a decent movie with a message supporting parents. If the common moviegoer laps up the climax, this movie has all chances to become a success.


Artists Performance:Sivaji comes up with his career’s finest performance in this movie. He does extremely well in emotional scenes. First time actress Shruti is competent. Her body language and expressions are natural. Kota comes up with another fine performance. Raghubabu is extremely good in emotional scenes. Brahmanandam entertains in a couple of scenes. LB Sreeram gives his philosophical touch towards the climax with his cameo. Arti Agarwal did a special appearance as college professor Maisamma.


Technical departments:
screenplay – direction: This movie is remade from a Kannada blockbuster titled Taj Mahal. Story of the movie is good with a heart touching content towards the end. The movie shows the importance of parents who shower unconditional love and discourages the love shown by youngsters towards girls who may not reciprocate. Debutant director Arun Singaraju is good at emotional scenes, but should concentrate more on getting it right in casual and entertainment-oriented scenes. For a first timer, he comes up with a decent work. Screenplay of the movie is good in the second half.


Other departments:
Music of the movie is nice. Nee meede manasupadi is very melodious. Cinematography is adequate. Dialogues are decent. Editing is alright. Actor Sivaji makes a nice debut as producer by choosing a nice story with a strong and relevant message in it.


Final View:
For a long time, films have been used as a medium to convey a message to the audience. While some film makers chose to let the audience interpretthe film , the other have managed to forcibly convey a message loud and clear. So then, what is the message conveyed in ‘Tajmahal’? Contrary to what ‘Tajmahal’ stands for,the film drives home the point that love should take a backseat, when you have to choose between love and parents. It tells you that love is just a part of our lives and we shouldn’t neglect our studies, career. Will this voice be heard amidst scores of films which profess ‘Love is Life’? Well, that remains to be seen. And I am not trying to convey a message,the film is open for your interpretation.

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