Film: Simha

Cast: Balakrishna, Nayanatara, Namita, Sneha Ullal, Brahmanandam, Jhansi, Venu Madhav, Ali, Dharmavarapu and others
Music: Chakri


Cinematography: Wilson


Editing: Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao


Art: A S Prakash


Producer: Parachuri Kireeti


Story, screenplay, dialogues,direction: Boyapati Srinu


Release date: April 30, 2010


Theater watched: Hollywood.


It has been six long years since Balakrishna delivered a hit. His last blockbuster was Lakshmi Narasinha (2004). All the movies that came during this period disappointed his fans and general audiences alike. But his fans can rejoice now. Because this film was much better than those past films. Balakrishna’s latest flick Simha is packed with right commercial ingredients to satisfy them.
Well coming into the story,Sri Mannarayana (Balakrishna) is a lecturer in a college in Hyderabad but he doesn’t tolerate any injustice and bashes up the wronged guys. A voluptuous female colleague (Namita) loves him. So is Janaki (Sneha Ullal) who is saved by Sri Mannarayana from goons. When a rowdy (Aditya Menon) from Vizag comes to take away Janaki from Sri Mannarayana, a flash back is revealed. 30 years ago, in Bobbili, a family of landlords treats the local people as slaves and kills if anyone revolts against. Now enters, a foreign returned doctor Narasinha (Balakrishna) belonging to Bobbili royal dynasty to save the people. Within no time, he takes up law onto his hands and becomes savior. But he and his wife (Nayanatara) are killed in a fight in the end. It is Sri Mannarayana’s job to finish the mission.
First half of the movie is adequate. The flashback episode is established well. Some of the shots in the film are like in Jayamanade ra movie which was performed by venkatesh. But boyapati was aware of that, so he maked changes in his own manner. The climax should have been more effective. The plus points of the movie are Bala Krishna performance (and dialogues) and mass elements. There is too much of violence/fights in the movie. Simha movie generated tremendous pre-release positive buzz and it resulted in humongous openings. We have to wait and see how Simha is going to capitalize summer advantage. It is the masses who make any movie blockbuster and this movie has ample mass elements. Simha is going to be a feast for the fans of Bala Krishna. It is satisfied the nandamuri fans.
Artist Performance:
Bala Krishna as usal he is terrific as Simha in the flashback episode. His dialogue delivery is controlled and is extremely effective. His get-up as Simha is highly respectable and dignified. After a long gap, Bala Krishna fans are going to cherish the looks and performance of Bala Krishna as he plays it to the galleries. His other character of Srimannarayana is also good.
Nayana Tara is very good in the flashback episode with jewellery and traditional wear belonging to lineage of kings. The voice given by Sunitha helps in some key episodes of the movie. Sneha Ullal is improving from film to film and she is good too. Namitha should watch her weight. Kota comes up with another fine performance. There are four other villains. Among the comedians, Krishna Bhagawan’s role is entertaining. KR Vijaya did a lengthy role and she is adequate.
Venu Madhav and Brahmanandam are clichéd.
Technical departments:
Story of the movie is not new, but follows a time-tested formula. Boyapati Seenu who mastered mass treatment to his movies like Bhadra and Tulasi made sure that there are ample commercial elements that satisfy the thrust of masses and fans. He projected Bala Krishna in the right way and extracted powerful mass performance. Screenplay of the movie is predictable. Direction is good in parts. Though masses might like it, the violence in the movie is very excessive. He should have softened blood-shed and tamed the commercial elements to make this movie a universally appealing one.
Other departments:
Music by Chakri is okay. Dialogues by Boyapati Seenu deserve a special mention. He wrote powerful dialogues to Bala Krishna and made sure that Bala Krishna delivers them to the maximum effect. Editing is alright. Producer has spent a lot of money on the movie and it is shown on screen. I think he gains it very soon.
Final View:
The film doesn’t try to do anything new but it offers a typical violent treat to all those Nandamuri fans who have been waiting to see him in the mass image. While the first half fails to take off and has the regular elements of fights and romance, it is the second half that changes the whole story and gets a lot of momentum. The grandeur is seen in the second half and with violence and nasty words used in between, the masses might connect to it. This may not be a bumper hit at the box office but it will reach the success mark if the fans work towards it.
It is a Good treat for Nandamuri fans only. If you are a big fan of nandamuri family , go and watch it.

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