Cast :Shahid Kapoor,Anushka Sharma.
Directed : Parmeet Sethi
Produced : Aditya Chopra
Music : Pritam
Distribution : Yash Raj Films

BADMAASH COMPANY HINDI MOVIE REVIEW:Story and movie analysis:Imagine a crime caper sans any guns and gore. Not all films of the genre need to be dark and Badmaash Company is just that lighthearted change. The colleagues in this company use wits over weapons to win in the same way like director Parmeet Sethi employs cleverness over clichés to come up with engaging entertainment. The story opens in mid 90s when an ordinary middleclass graduate Karan (Shahid Kapoor), who aspires to make it big in short time, devices a smart import business where they can evade custom duty and sell foreign goods at low prices to Indians yearning for imported items. With the help of his friends Chandu (Vir Das), Zing (Meiyang Chang) and Bulbul (Anushka Sharma) they find a way to beat the system and make it big. But when the import duty on foreign items is drastically cut down by the government, their flourishing Bangkok business flops.
Now they shift to US and continue their conning commerce until success gets into Karan’s head. Due to differences the company collapses with the partners in crime going their individual ways. As each of them renounce their wrongdoings, they come together in the climax to beat the system for one last time – but this time within legal limits. Parmeet Sethi makes an impressive debut as a writer and directs the film with as much finesse and panache. Unlike Yash Raj’s earlier con flick Bunty aur Babli (to which this one was compared) where the hoodwinks were hurried, the conning here is very credibly and comprehensively crafted and doesn’t insult your intelligence. From the import duty scam to the housing loan fraud and the final swindle in stock market (also involving Michael Jackson), the deceptions are imaginative and interesting. The pace is swift enough not giving you time to mull over the treachery. The director doesn’t waste time on independently working on the romance track as the focus is primarily on the con games. The sizzling natural chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma (refreshingly reinvented from her girl-next-door image of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi to a cool, confident and come-hither look) makes things easier for him. Not an out-and-out crime flick, the second half works towards the reconciliation of the characters. While this wasn’t really expected from the film esp. with its upbeat and unapologetic approach towards delinquency, Parmeet Sethi still saves the film from turning out to be melodramatic take on good v/s bad. He endorses righteousness without losing on the fun factor by incorporating a smart game plan in the climax. Anupam Kher as Shahid Kapoor’s virtuous father who doesn’t agree with his son’s ideologies reminds of his submissive act from Khosla Ka Ghosla , more so with Kiran Juneja playing his wife. Parmeet deftly directs Shahid’s fallout sequences with all the three of his company colleagues. Shahid’s argument with Meiyang Chang and his confrontation with Vir Das at the bistro-bar are commendably acted and executed scenes. The fallout and reunion of friends reminds of the Rock On camaraderie. Also Chang’s casting is used to good effect. And this is the third film in a row after Housefull and Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani where an actor stammers when he is nervous. Thankfully this slapstick attribute isn’t exploited much in the film.
Artist performance:After dull and disappointing films like Chance Pe Dance and Paathshaala , Shahid Kapoor is back in good form delivering a powerful performance. He gets it correct in every scene exuding oodles of confidence. Anushka Sharma looks absolutely ravishing with a bare midriff and plunging necklines and continues to have the most electrifying smile. But she is surely more than mere gorgeous looks. With a lot of conviction, she perfectly balances the bold and beautiful act. Vir Das is hilarious in his high on testosterone act. Meiyang Chang never goes out of control despite playing a hardcore booze-buff. Both Das and Chang come up with strong supporting characters never getting overshadowed by the lead pair. Anupam Kher never goes wrong in his morally right father figure act. Pawan Malhotra and Jameel Khan are good in their parts.

Technical And other departments:Pritam’s musical score isn’t something that you carry with you beyond the film. The title track is evidently derived from the theme track of Mission Impossible but goes well as a background piece. Cinematographer Sanjay Kapoor skillfully captures the flamboyance of Bangkok and US. The costume designs by Ameira Punvan and Mamta Anand are vibrant and trendy; esp. Anushka Sharma’s styling is hot and sexy. Ritesh Soni edits the film with fast-paced energy, never letting you lose your attention.

Final View:Its a good film to watch this weekend.Badmaash Company is a good entertainer. Worth a watch!

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