Film: Golimaar

Cast: Gopichand, Priyamani, Roja, Kelly Dorjee, Jeeva, M S Narayana, Nasser, Ali, and others
Music: Chakri


Cinematography: Shyam K Naidu


Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh


Fights: VijayArt: Chinna


Produced by: Bellamkonda Suresh


Story, screenplay, and dialogues and directed by: Puri Jagannadh


Released date :27-05-2010.


Gopichand Golimaar Telugu Movie review:


The film is about an honest cop who is specialized in encounters. Becoming a police officer is Gangaram’s (Gopichand) childhood dream and when he joins the police force, he starts eliminating mafia men owned by Khalid (Kelly Dorjee). With the help of his DIG (Nasser), he kills several mafia men in encounters. On the other hand, an event manager Pavitra (Priyamani) falls in love with Gangaram. Pavitra’s mother (Roja) hates men and is against marriage. So she doesn’t accept Pavitra’s love for Gangaram. Meanwhile, Gangaram is wrongly framed by DIG and his trusted aide in a false case, on the insistence of Khalid who operates mafia here from Malaysia. How Gangaram comes out clean from the case and finishes his mission forms the rest of the story.


Artist And Other Performance:
Gopichand is okay in the role of encounter cop. Priyamani steals the show in the first half but after a time, she becomes repetitive. Roja, who was recently seen in Sambho Shiva Sambho in a politician’s role, makes a thorough comeback and this time she plays role of a mother to Priyamani. Though she did the role of a mother in Sambho Shiva Sambho also, it was more a politician’s role than a mother’s and thus the role of a mother in this film is more like her first time on the screen (first time as a mother of one of the lead roles) but Roja proves her mettle. Kelly Dorjee as the main villain is perfect, and so is Nasser in the role of a DIG. Except one melodious song shot on the beaches, Chakri’s music is mediocre; the background score is straight lift from Pokiri. Cinematography by Sham K Naidu is top class. Puri Jagannadh proves once again that he writes dialogues superbly than most of our current writers/directors. The only problem with his films seems to be that he is increasingly repeating the same structure for all his films and therefore his films have become monotonous.


Golimaar script is designed on the life of real life Mumbai encounter specialist Daya Nayak. Although Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi and Gowtham Menon in Tamil and Telugu made films on the life of encounter cops, Puri Jagannadh has tried to present in his own style. The film offers nothing new; nothing is exciting in the movie. It is strictly an okay movie. In the first half, Priyamani steals the show with her drunkard antics and one-liners, post interval the movie shifts to action.
Lack of entertainment or catchy songs is another drawback. Some of the dialogues by Puri are good, and the pre-interval scene and pre-climax twist are nice.


Final View:


Golimaar is strictly okay. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Just plain, ordinary, masala action film from Puri.

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