Film: Komaram Puli

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikisha Patel, Manoj Bajpai, Sharanya, Shriya (in guest appearance), Ali, Nasser, Girish Karnad, Charan Raj, Brahmaji, Haneefa, and others
Music: A.R.Rehman
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Cinematography: Binod Pradhan
Editing: VijayanAction: Tinu Varma
Art: Anand Sai
Produced by: Singanamala Ramesh
Banner: Kanakaratna Movies
Story, screenplay and directed by : S J Surya
Release date: September 10, 2010
Theater watched : Hollywood,Guntur.
Rating: Pawan Kalyans New film Komaram Puli Telugu Movie review:
well The kushi combination expect A.R Rahman seems to be not worked for pawan kalyan this time. The film was very boring and long awaited chiru family fans are very dissapointed after wacthing this film.
When Coming in to Story Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is an upright IPS officer and wants to change the police system. He saves Prime Minister of India (Girish Karnad) from an assassination attempt in Bangkok. So PM honours him with award. On the same dais Komaram Puli asks PM to provide a team of honest police officers to change system and instill sense of discipline in the police department. He is provided a team and a special office. Within no time he brings change and people start perceiving the police system in different way. One day, a mother of a missing police officer calls him and asks him to find out the whereabouts of her son and that leads to direct confrontation with a don Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai). He soon learns that the nexus between police officers and this Al Saleem is deeper. How Komaram Puli brings down the empire of Al Saleem forms rest of the story. In between, a girl posing as lady cop Madhumati (Nikisha Patel) also romances with him.
Artist Performance:
Pawan Kalyan mouths some clap worthy dialogues especially pre-climax dialogues are superb. And also he oozes ‘power’ in looks, in eyes and in his body language. Pawan Kalyan shoulders the film and tries to lift the interest in even lousy situations and in badly written scenes. Especially when he gives speech after the death of two police officers in the second half, it makes us to think for a moment. He also looks very handsome in this movie.
Sharanya as mother is superb. Her dialogues are impressive. The other scene-stealer in the movie is Shriya. She looks damn hot in her ‘Docheyi ..’ song. New heroine Nikisha Patel has good physique and has put in her best effort even though her character is not etched well. She may get noticed for her sizzling beauty. Manoj Bajpai is okay but his makeup is gawdy. .Nasser is okay. Ali’s comedy is poor.
Technical and Other Performance:
A.R.Rehman’s music is good for ears, than on screen. Technically the film is not that great to talk about. Binod Pradhan’s camera and editing are tacky. Moreover the D.I and Visual effects are awful. It is clearly visible that director has ‘wasted’ lots of money for ‘unnecessary things’ like filming climax scene amidst planes, a lengthy action sequence in Bangkok, unimpressive but costly sets for songs. That expenditure has not enhanced the visual splendor. As a director, S J Surya has not shown any inspiring moments like he did in his early films – Vaali and Khushi. His script is mediocre and some of his scenes are illogical. Climax scene is similar to the recently released ‘Gaayam 2’.
Movie Analysis:
First things first. Komaram Puli is a big letdown. The main villain of the film is obviously – the director. S J Surya fools the audiences with silly script, laughable situations. With run-of-the mill story, tacky narration by the director, B-grade visual effects, dragging action episodes the film induces boredom. But Pawan Kalyan tries hard to save the film with his stunning performance. Pawan Kalyan completely shoulders the movie with his some impressive monologues. His ‘power’ packed dialogues are main strength. S J Surya who gave one of the biggest hits in Pawan Kalyan’s career with Khushi has tried to put Pawan Kalyan in different angle in this cop-action drama. But the script (or lack of it) is predictable, and the narration is lethargic. The movie looks like another version of Sai Kumar’s Police Story kind of films. You have seen such stories umpteen times, right from Rajashekar’s early movies to Sai Kumar’s cop dramas.
The film is interesting only in two scenes – before the interval and when Pawan delivers heart-warming dialogues after the death of two police officers in the second half. Those scenes are clap worthy. Some of the dialogues make us glued to the seats despite the proceeding seem illogical, thanks to Pawan Kalyan. The entire romantic drama between Pawan Kalyan and the heroine in the first half is boring. First of all the script itself is monotonous. Some of them are very laughable. Lack of entertainment is another drawback. Songs on screen are pale. But fans can enjoy Pawan Kalyan’s power packed dialogues in the second half. Shriya’s item song is another paisa vasool material.
Final View:
Except Pawan Kalyan’s performance, Komaram Puli is badly made movie. Pawan Kalyan tries to save it with his clap worthy monologues, but the movie’s script is illogical, scenes are mediocre, direction is awful. Director S J Surya is the main villain of the movie. He has taken producer and hero for a ride. On the whole, it is a big letdown.

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