Cast: :Malika Sherawat,Divya Dutta,Priyanka Rawat,Irrfan Khan,Jeff Doucette

Music : Alexander von Bubenheim

Editing :Tony Ciccone

Director :Jennifer Lynch

Producers : Govind Menon,Vikram Singh,Ratan Jain,William Sees Keenan

Release date :October 22, 2010

Watched Theater : Inox, Vijayawada.

Rating: 1 / 5

Hisss Telugu, Hindi , English, Tamil and Malayalam Movie Review:
A lot of us who’ve grown up on masala cinema of 1970s and 1980s will vividly recall two films made on ichhadhaari naagins – Rajkumar Kohli’s NAGIN [1976] and Harmesh Malhotra’s NAGINA [1986]. Can we ever forget the revenge of the naagin? Can we ever forget the gripping plot, the spellbinding drama, the lilting music and of course, the unforgettable performances by Reena Roy and Sridevi, respectively?When a film-maker attempts to make a film on an ichhadhaari naagin in 2010, the viewer expects to watch all of the above, besides great visual effects of course. More so because HISSS is helmed by a Hollywood director – Jennifer Lynch. But, to put it bluntly, HISSS is a nightmare. The film has absolutely nothing to offer – no story, no screenplay, no songs, no performances… even the making is so tacky.

A sad and lonely nagin (Mallika Sherawat) comes to the city in search of her nag who has been kidnapped by an American hunter who is desperate for the nagmani that will cure his cancer. En route to her lover, the serpent teaches a few lessons to all the evil-doers who fall in her path and comes to the rescue to all the exploited and abused women. Chasing her scaly and venom-littered trail is a befuddled cop (Irrfan Khan) who doesn’t know whether to believe in science or mythology.

Artist Performance:
Actors often tell me that they choose films based on the script, so what exactly did Irrfan Khan see in HISSS? Mallika has no dialogue all through the film, she changes lenses, then changes into a snake outfit and also goes full monty. That’s it! Divya Dutta is wasted. Raman Trikha is passable. The actress enacting the role of Divya’s mother is okay.

Films like HISSS make you realize what’s going wrong in Bollywood today. On one hand we celebrate the new stories being told in our movies and on the other, we churn out a HISSS, which is badly scripted, poorly enacted and carelessly directed. Believe me, it’s easy to solve the crossword puzzle in newspapers than it is to understand what exactly is going on in this film. As for director Jennifer Lynch, she needs a crash course in film-making pronto. The visual effects seem straight out of a B-grade Bollywood film.

Final View:

On the whole, HISSS is best avoided.

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