Star Cast:Mithun Chakraborty,Ajay Devgn,Kareena Kapoor,Arshad Warsi,Tusshar Kapoor,Shreyas Talpade,Kunal Khemu
Music :Pritam,Kumaar (lyrics)
Director:Rohit Shetty
Producer :Dhillin Mehta
Written By :K Subhash,Farhad,Yunus Sajawal,Sajid
Cinematography :Dudley
Editing :Steven H. Bernard
Studio :Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd
Distributed by :Eros International
Release date :5 November 2010
Preceded by :Golmaal Returns

watched Theater: Big Cinema’s, Hyderabad.
Rating: 3.75 / 5



Ajay Devgan’s New Film Golmaal-3 Hindi Movie Review:


Brand GOLMAAL is back again. Its equity continues to soar upwards. Naturally, every film of this franchise carries the burden of humungous expectations. Touted as India’s first-ever trilogy, GOLMAAL 3 [G-3], the third installment of GOLMAAL and GOLMAAL RETURNS, promises to mesmerize, tickle your funny bone and entertain moviegoers of all ages. G-3 promises to be bigger, better, funnier and far more entertaining and amusing than the first two parts.



The goons and buffoons of the Golmaal series return to set the screen on fire with their crazy antics. This time, their numbers have increased. There are Ma’s (Ratna Pathak Shah) boys headed by a hot-headed Ajay Devgn with a free-spirited Kareena as a delightful add-on and there are Pa’s (Mithun Chakraborty) boys, led by irreverent Arshad Warsi and speech-marvel Tusshar Kapoor. The sparring brats are forced to live under one roof when their foster parents decide to marry in middle age. Can the rivalries be forgotten for the sake of the happy family syndrome?


Artist Performance:
Performances too are top notch. The minor characters of Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari and Murli Sharma shine better than the main cast. Sanjay Mishra continues what he did in the 2008 film One, Two, Three and is terrific. Johnny Lever too makes a mark after a long time. Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi are very good. But among the primary cast it’s clearly Tusshar who outdoes everyone else. This is one character Tusshar has come to excel in. Kunal Khemu and Shreyas Talpade do well. Mithun is a delight as he does his Disco Dancer number once again after all these years.



Techincal and Other Departments:
Apart from the over the top approach Rohit also uses subtle humour as he used old film songs to suit funny situations. The dialogues are hilarious and the characters are well written. But most of the humour is borrowed from Bollywood and for someone who has not been watching as many Hindi films; it will be a completely waste of effort. Screenplay is quite loose and emphasis clearly is more on the look and feel than storytelling. Technically the film is very good – shot and edited very stylishly.



Movie Analysis:
In an industry where sequels rarely work, the Golmaal franchise seems to have struck gold with its formula of making sense out of nonsense. If Golmaal-l was sheer fun, the second in the series took a slight dip in terms of merriment. Thankfully, Golmaal 3 sets the graph right by revving up the laughter meter and providing a perfect Diwali getaway for viewers who are hungry for some hungama this festive season.
Of course, it’s a no-brainer comedy and isn’t meant for people who prefer wisdom in wit too. And only the foolish would go hunting for a meaning in the madcap antics that explode on the screen as the ensemble cast assiduously sets aside the high brow for slapstick.
But no one’s complaining. Because Ajay Devgn’s angry explosions, Tusshar Kapoor’s verbal antics, Arshad Warsi’s rougish revelry, Sanjay Mishra’s delightful mis-spellings…are all rib-tickling stuff. And providing a perfect backdrop to this brazen display of testosterone and brattish tomfoolery are the senior citizens: Mithun and Ratna Pathak Shah who play the romantic couple in ’70s style. Mithun literally recreates his Disco Dancer chutzpah by romancing an Alice-band sporting Ratna Pathak Shah with his signature dance steps. But the one who’s obviously having the greatest fun amongst the band of boys is Kareena Kapoor as Dabboo, the orphan who is hell bent on creating the Hum Saath Saath Hain happy family out of the warring factions. Kareena’s vibrant, vivacious and ekdum bindaas, almost in sync with the outrageous palette of colours that Rohit Shetty uses for the sets and costumes of his film. You can’t be sad, mournful or morose after the colour blast — red, yellow, orange, pink, purple — that hits you in this over-the-top film.



Final View:
On the whole, GOLMAAL 3 is an ideal fun ride with thrice the enjoyment and gratification, thrice the magic and thrice the hilarity. Go on, have a blast and make this Diwali thrice more entertaining for you. An out-and-out entertainer, it’s sure to light up the celebratory festive mood.


Miss it At Your Own Risk…!

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