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Cast & Crew: Emraan Hashmi,Jacqueline Fernandez,Sudhanshu Pandey,Prashant Narayanan
Music : Harshit Saxena,Mithoon,Sangeet Haldipur,Siddharth Haldipur
Cinematography : Ravi Walia
Editing :Devendra Murdeshwar
Director : Mohit Suri
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt
Screenplay : Shagufta Rafique
Story : Mahesh Bhatt
Distributed by :Vishesh Films
Released date : July 8, 2011
Running time : 127 minutes
Rating: 3 / 5

Emraan Hasmi and Jacqueline Fernandez New Hindi Film Murder 2 movie Review:

Among the many sequels gracing the cinema halls over some weeks comes yet another sequel of the 2004 Anurag Basu directed Mallika Sherawat, Emraan Hashmi starrer superhit thriller Murder. Starring Emraan Hashmi yet again alongside the superhot Jacqueline Fernandez, Murder 2 has been in news for the bold scenes and the chartbusting music. So let's find out whether this film will work or not.

Story and Movie Analysis:
Set in Goa, Murder 2 revolves around a former cop Arjun Bhagwat (Emraan Hashmi) who is irreverent and earns his living doing odds jobs for pimps, gangsters etc. He is in a non-committed relation with a model Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) who loves him too much but is lovelorn as he doesn't reciprocate. A certain pimp assigns him a task to find the call girls from his racquet who have gone missing over a few months. How Arjun's investigation to find the missing girls leads him to a serial killer Dheeraj Pandey (Prashant Narayanan) is what forms the rest of the story.

Murder 2 can't quite exactly be called a sequel to the Anurag Basu directed predecessor. It has different characters, different setting and different storyline too. Unlike Murder, Murder 2 happens to be quite gory and spine chilling. The film appears to have drawn inspiration from Hollywood's slasher flick Hostel and has the same method of the multiple heinous assassinations. However, it is a little less grisly in comparison to the Hollywood flick. What may turn out to be a deterrent for the film is the faulty storyline. The manner in which the case of the missing call girls is handled is very sketchy filled with a lot of cinematic liberties taken by the filmmaker just to come to the conclusion.

Artist Performance:
Both Emraan and Prashant Narayanan vie for top honors. Emraan delivers a spirited performance, playing the angry guy to perfection. He's so with the character. In fact, this would rank amongst Emraan's most accomplished performances. Prashant is a dynamic actor -- a fact that has been proved time and again. This film is sure to make people sit up and notice this wonderful talent. Stepping into Mallika's shoes in the sequel is Jacqueline. Like Mallika, she takes the boldness quotient to the next level with her sexy avatar. She should grab a lot of eyeballs for the oomph factor, while her performance is decent. In fact, she gets little scope to display histrionics, but she makes a sincere attempt to portray her character with care.

Sulagna Panigrahi is a talent to watch out for. She's first-rate. Sudhanshu Pandey enacts his part with a lot of confidence. Sandiip Sikcand surprises with a stellar act. Though a brief part, his performance adds a lot of spice to the proceedings. Shweta Kawatra shines in that lone sequence. Yana Gupta sizzles in the opening track.

Technical and Other Departments:
Director Mohit Suri reignites the flicker that he illustrated in his early films. He's a skilled, competent storyteller and this film reiterates the fact yet again. Ditto for writer Shagufta Rafique, who's supremely talented as well. Though she may seem inspired from a source, Shagufta gives MURDER 2 her own color and shade. Both Mohit and Shagufta push the limits in terms of the characters and the situations that have been created. You just can't guess what's up in store next, which has ample scenes that would leave you startled and dazed. The Bhatts have always had a good track record as far as music goes and MURDER 2 is no exception. If one avoids comparing the soundtrack with the prequel, this film has a rich soundtrack that works well. 'Haal E Dil' [music: Harshit Saxena] and the track filmed on Yana Gupta at the onset, 'Aa Zara' [music: Sangeet Haldipur-Siddharth Haldipur], are first-rate compositions. Ravi Walia's cinematography is top notch.

Final View:
On the whole, MURDER 2 is one of the finest crime stories to come out of the Hindi film industry. Also, as a film, it lives up to the expectations that you may associate from a sequel of a hit. This one's bolder, more erotic and has a story that will astound and astonish you. The Bhatts have a winner on hand!

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