Film : Nanna (Telugu)

Cast: Vikram, Baby Sarah, Anushka, Amala Paul, Nassar, Sachin Khedekar, Santhanam, Surekha Vani etc
Genre: Family Drama
Type: Bilingual (Tamil & Telugu)
Banner: Wellfare Creatons & Santosham Studios
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Dialogues: Shashak Vennelakanti
Editing: Anthony
Art: Santhanam
Story – screenplay – direction: AL Vijay
Producer: Dr. Malla Vijaya Prasad & Santosham Suresh
Release date: 15 July 2011
Theatre watched: Inox, Hyderabad.
Rating: 3.25 / 5Vikram New Telugu Film Nanna Movie Review:
This time Vikram Comes with new subject Nanna and its a fully character role. Actor like a vikram character roles very suitable. infact he desirves that. She never dissapointed the Audiance in his new Film. She got bag a hit after a big failure of Villan.

well coming into the Story,Mentally challenged Krishna (Vikram) works in a chocolate factory near Ooty and his wife dies after the birth of a child. The child becomes his world and names her Vennela (Sara). When Vennela joins the school, Krishna’s father-in-law comes to know about the child and he takes Vennela with him. With the help of a lawyer Anu (Anushka), Krishna fights for the custody of his daughter with his father-in-law.

Artist Performance:Vikram comes up with another spellbinding performance as a mentally-challenged person. You will see only the character in this movie. He looks very cute despite playing a uncomfortable character. He is bound to win awards for his phenomenal portrayal. Baby Sarah has done a terrific work. She dominated Vikram at times. She is helped by a beautiful characterization. Anushka is pretty good in a supporting role. Amala Paul resembles Deepika Padukone in a few angles and she is perfect. Nassar and Sachin Khedekar have done justice.

Technical and Other Departments:
Story – screenplay – direction: The story of this film is loosely inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘I am Sam’. It has a nice story line. Director Vijay is sensible and has a class of his own. It reflects in the way he narrated the story and in the way he seamlessly blended humor. There is a nice feel throughout the movie. Screenplay in the second half is pretty good. It is very difficult to succeed in sustaining interest when the entire second half is dominated by the court scenes. There are many scenes in this movie (especially father-daughter combination one) that are heart-touching. Director Vijay succeeds in narrating the story in interesting way without falling prey for the commercial elements.
Music by GV Prakash Kumar complements the mood of the movie. None of the songs look forced. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is excellent. I loved the way the scooter song is canned with slow-mo camera. The story-telling song is highly creative. The sets are realistic (especially the chocolate factory and court-room interiors). Editing is fine. Dialogues are neat and heart-touching at times. Producers Malla Vijay Prasad and Santosham Suresh risked a bit and it is worth it.

Beginning of the film is slow. First half of the film is neat though lengthy and devoid of story. Second half is pacy with good screenplay and drama. Plus points of the film are performances (Vikram and Baby Sarah), second half screenplay and classy direction. On the flip side the first half of the film needs trimming as it’s too lengthy. On a whole, Nanna is a decent film with nice sentiment. The success of the movie will depend on the mouth talk and how the family crowds in A/B centers patronize it.

Final View:
Nanna touches your heart with tender moments in the second half. It engulfs you in emotional mood towards the climax. A bit slow flick but very touchy. If you are looking for entertainment, then it doesn’t offer any that you seek but if you are in mood to watch for a sweet and endearing movie, then get a date with this.

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