Film: Solo(Telugu)Cast: Nara Rohith, Nisha Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Ali, Jayasudha, Pavitra Lokesh, Shayaji Shinde, Srinivas Reddy, Narasimha, Rao Ramesh, M S Narayana, and others
Music: Manisharma
Director of Photography: Dasarathi Shivendra
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Fights: Ram – Laxman
Art: Raghu Kulakarni
Produced by: Vamsi Krishna Srinivas
Banner: SVK Cinema
Story, screenplay, dialogues and directed by: Parashuram
Release date: November 25, 2011
Rating: 3 / 5
Nara rohit New Telugu film Solo Movie Review:
Nara is back again with his new film solo.This time also he was entertained the audience very much to his performane.It seems to be solo film worked for rohit very much.story:Gowtam (Nara Rohit) is an orphan who works as a software engineer. Since he is an orphan, it’s been his dream to get married to a girl from a joint family. He falls in love with a medical student Vaishnavi (Nisha Agarwal) and comes to know that she has a big family. She is extremely attached to her doting father (Prakash Raj). But he has bad experiences with his sister’s marriage, hence wants to marry off his daughter only to a boy from any big joint family. The rest of the story is all about what happens when he comes to know that his daughter is in love with a solo (no family) guy.

Artist Performance:Nara Rohith has good looks but he needs to shrug off rigidity in expressions and body language. He was perfect for the role he portrayed in his first film – Baanam but this film needs him to look endearing as it is a family-romantic drama but he is so stoic in many scenes. Nisha Agarwal is good as she has charming looks and also delivers performance in the climax. Savita Reddy has provided voice to her. Pillar of the movie is Prakash Raj; this experienced and multiple times award-winning actor holds the whole drama even in simple scenes. Jayasudha, Pavitra Lokesh, Shayaji Shinde and Ravi are suited well. Ali and M S Narayana provide some good laughter. Srinivas Reddy, Narasimha and others have done justice to their roles.

Technical and Other Departments:Songs by Mani Sharma are good in parts. Marumallela Vaana song is very good. Dialogues by Parasu Ram are well written and lot of thoughts have gone into writing. There are pretty good fun liners as well as thought-provoking emotional dialogues (especially the way he defines Sukham (body) and Santosham (heart)). Cinematography is alright. Editing is fine. Production values are good.

Movie Analysis:First half is fun and good. Second half has emotions. The director Parasuram has succeeded in setting up the stage right by the interval. The screenplay in second half is little predictable though the emotions in the climax episode are genuine. The plus points are story orientation and dialogues by Parasuram. On the flip side, a swift and unpredictable second half would have made this movie a special one. On a whole, Solo is a genuine attempt by the director and makes a decent watch if you ignore the lag in second half.

Final View:Solo has interesting plot line and provides emotional quotient in the second half. A little taut narration in the second half would have made much difference. On the whole, the film is above average family entertainer.

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