Film: BejawadaCast: Naga Chaitanya, Amala Paul, Prabhu, Kota Srinivas Rao, Brahmanandam, Ajay, Anjana Sukhani, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Abhimanyu Singh, Mukul Dev, Satya Prakash, Ashok Kumar, Sraavan, Lakshmi, Rahul and others
Music: Amar Mohile, Pradeep Koneru, Dharam Sandeep, Vikram, Bapi Tutul
Cinematography: S K Bhupathi
Editing: Gowthamraju
Fights: Izaz Javed
Art: Krishna Maya
Choreography: Prem Rakshit, Shobha
Produced by: Kiran Kumar Koneru, Ram Gopal Varma
Story, screenplay, dialogues, and directed by: Vivek Krishna
Release date: December 1, 2011
Rating: 2 / 5Naga chaitanya New telugu film Bezawada Movie Review:
It seems to be bejawada film was not worked for naga chaitanya,all the controversys are gone after the film release. Ramgopal varma again made very one fools.

Story:Well coming in to story,Kaali (Prabhu) is a don in Vijayawada. He trusts his aide Vijay Krishna (Mukul Dev) than his younger brother Shankar (Abhimanyu). Shankar who is constantly humiliated by Kaali hires contract killers to kill his brother and his aide. After their death, Shankar starts ruling rowdy gang in the city. Meanwhile Vijaya Krishna’s younger brother Shiva Krishna (Naga Chaitanya) vows to take vengeance for his brother’s death.

Artist Performances:Naga Chaitanya huffs and puffs through out the movie but his character is poorly etched one and lacks of heroism. Like his father Nagarjuna, he does look good in some scenes but he seems completely disconnected with the story. And you can’t blame him for it, though.

Amala Paul is completely relegated to couple of silly romantic scenes and songs. As a don named Kaali, Tamil actor Prabhu and his trusted aide Mukul Dev only shine in this movie. Abhimanyu Singh is carrying the same expressions that he has been doing from Raktha Charitra. Kota, Subalekha Sudhakar, Ajay, Ahuthi Prasad and others have done what they required to do in the poorly written characters.

Technical and Other Departments:Cinematography by S K Bhupathi is inconsistent. Some shots like a knife attached to the camera gliding through provides unintended laughter. So is Gowthamraju’s editing! Production values are cheap. Six music directors have provided songs but none of them are good and the background score is more like template music for these kind of movies than anything novel. Less said about the Vivek Krishna’ s writing and narration skills the better.

Analysis:Bejawada was touted as a film that deals with the cast wars in the 1980’s and 90’s in Vijayawada city. But the movie has no connection to those wars. Even if the story is set in any other town in A.P, it won’t make any difference to the script, as the plot line is as old as Himalayas. It starts off with a Godfather like scene, that Ram Gopal Varma himself used in several of his movies including Gaayam, Sarkaar, etc. But it is badly executed scene in this movie that is directed by newcomer Vivek Krishna.

From the opening scenes to the climax, Bejawada is total mess – writing is amateurish, movie making is so garish, and music is lousy. The director has handled most of the scenes like a Television serial with the same editing pattern. It is so cheap.

Dhada is considered as the worst film in Naga Chaitanya’s career so far and now Bejawada comes close to it.

Final View:Bejawada is a total disappointment. Neither it does provide entertainment, nor it provokes thoughts. The movie doesn’t deserve all the hype and publicity as it has nothing to do with the so-called rowdy/caste wars of Vijayawada city. It is another mindless action movie with inconsistent narration, and bad production values.

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