Aksha Biography:
Aksha is an Indian actress cum model was born in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. she did many ads in her carrer, now is was very busy in upcoming projects.
Early Life:
Aksha was born in mumbai, she did her schooling in Mumbai, She was very passion about film from her child hood. so while completed her schooling she joined in modeling in Mumbai.
While in modeling She acted in some FMCG advertisments. She got Fame from those Advertisements. 

Film Career:

When She was busy in her modeling she got chance in Bollywood film Goal as a comeo role. she got good marks form that role, After that she got an offer as a actress in Telugu Film Yuvatha.
she done great job in that film and got many offers from other south film industries. She acted in somany films like Adhi Nuvve(telugu), Ride(telugu) Saa Boo thri(tamil).etc


Advertisments of Aksha:

Parachute hair oil
and other corporate Ads

She is a Very Bubbly and Cool Actress in South india . some Rumors are flyed in south was that she is running a very hot chemistry with Telugu young Hero . but she disagree these comments and says that she dont have any boy friend Yet . She says that If she didn’t an Actress She become a Pilot.She says that She dont have enough Age to think about Love.

She says that she has a great sense of humor. If she was facing a serious situations she dont feel fear infact she laughs even in those situations.She says that Aish was her Dream Role Model. She loves all different people, Religions and different Status People equally. she says she loves eating. she says she dont oppose exposing in film if the Script demand For Exposeing.
She says that Her sexy spot was her eyes.



Kandireega (Telugu)


Adi Nuvve ( Telugu )

Saa Boo Thri ( Tamil )
Ride ( Telugu )


Yuvatha ( Telugu )


Goal – Cameo- (Hindi)


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