Cast & Crew:Abhishek Bachchan,Bobby Deol,Bipasha Basu,Sonam Kapoor,Neil Nitin Mukesh,Sikander Kher,Omi Vaidya,Johnny Lever,Vinod Khanna
Music : Pritam Chakraborty
Cinematography: Ravi Yadav
Director :Abbas-Mustan
Screenplay :Rohit Jugraj,Sudip Sharma
Editing : Hussain Burmawala
Distributed by: Viacom 18,Burmawala Partners
Release date :6 January 2012
Budget : INR 45 crore (US$8.55 million)
Watched Theatre: INOX Vijayawada.
Rating: 2 / 5

Abhishek Bachchan New Hindi Film Players Movie Review:
It’s a given that hi-voltage action thrillers enthrall and electrify viewers no end. The existing inclination within the industry is to opt for remakes [of South Indian films specifically], though Abbas-Mustan have continuously, in their three decade career, tilted towards western thrillers to be specific. PLAYERS, their latest offering, is the official remake of THE ITALIAN JOB. But it’s not a scene to scene adaptation of the classic that was attempted twice in the West. The core conception remains the same, but the screenplay is amended significantly to suit the Indian sensibilities.

Story and Movie Analysis:
They say birds of the same feather flock together: Charlie Mascarenhas (Abhishek Bachchan) and Riya (Bipasha Basu) are partners in conning and daredevil robbery.
As a last gift, Charlie’s friend Raj (Aftab Shivdasani) reveals through a CD the possibility of a heist. “Ten thousand crore rupees worth of gold would be transported from Russia to Romania.” Raj warns Charlie that this heist, an improbable feat, is not a one man job. He would need a team to execute it and the only person who can help him put up the team is ace thief Victor Braganza (Vinod Khanna).

Victor assembles the players – Riya, an expert machinist, Bilal Bashir (Sikander Kher), an explosive expert who likes foreign cars, Ronny (Bobby Deol), a magician, and Sunny Mehra (Omi Vaidya), a make-up artist. Naturally, the captain of this team is Charlie Mascarenhas and their goal – The Gold.In today’s age, with the complexity of the internet, the team lacked a hacker. Victor’s daughter Naina (Sonam Kapoor) unsuspectingly offers help by suggesting ace hacker, Spider (Nitin Neil Mukesh), to the team.

In the show of one-upmanship, what follows the heist is a game of con and deceit at every moment of the film. For humour, there is MC (Johnny Lever) and his family. Sleekly made with fine action, crisp razor sharp edits, speeding cars and exciting photography giving you glimpses of scenic Siberia, Amsterdam and New Zealand, the film reminds you of a Bond film.The leggy babes with leotard and boots, the guys with stubble and leather jackets, the palatial villas, the elongated limousines, the long car chases, the heist on the train – everything looks glossy and out of this world.

Artist Performance:
ZAMEEN was the first movie wherein Abhishek Bachchan’s characteristic macho style was detected by the spectators. Movies like DHOOM, DUS, BLUFFMASTER and last year’s DUM MAARO DUM strengthened his image further. The actor flaunts his popular style and attitude with panache in PLAYERS. Bobby Deol is wasted. Seriously, why is he sidelined in the plot? Bipasha enacts the role of a con artiste with super confidence. She looks fab and emotes with conviction. It’s an image transformation for Sonam in PLAYERS. She has never done a full-on glamorous role before and PLAYERS should change the perception. However, the rawness, as an actor, shows in a variety of scenes.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is entrusted with a challenging role, but he lacks the charisma and skill to carry off the part with dexterity. Sikander Kher has an insignificant role. As for Omi Vaidya, the less said the better. He irritates and hams incessantly. Vinod Khanna is not in his element either. Johny Lever is hilarious as the car dealer. Aftab Shivdasani appears in a cameo.

Technical and Other Departments:
The racy background score by Sandeep Shirodkar and the soundtrack by Pritam creates the adrenaline required for a thriller but unfortunately the well-intended choreographed numbers breaks the momentum.

Ravi Yadav’s cinematography and Husain Burmawala’s editing are worth a mention. Technically, Abbas Mastan have churned out a very fine movie.

Final View:
On the whole, PLAYERS rides mainly on the clout of its credible director duo [Abbas-Mustan], daredevil stunts and stunning visuals. But, most importantly, it is deficient of a captivating screenplay. Also, the film could have done with judicious trimming for an enhanced impact. I for one went in with colossal expectations, but came out feeling downcast and disheartened.

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