Film: Snehitudu(Telugu)Banner: Gemini Film Circuit
Cast: Vijay, Jiiva, Sreeram, Ileana, Satyaraj, Satyam etc
Music: Harris Jayraj
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa
Editing: Anthony
Screenplay: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Raj Kumar Hirani & Ranjeet Bahadur
Direction: Shankar
Producer: Gemini Film Circuit
Release date: 26 January 2011
Theater watched: Bhaskar Delux A/c dts, Guntur.
Rating: 2.75/5
Vijay, Jiiva, Sreeram, Ileana new Tamil films dubed in Telugu as Snehitudu Movie Review:
There is noting new in this film, it is a perfect xerox copy of hindi film 3 idiots.Story:The story goes like this: Panchabatla Sarangapani or Pani (Vijay), Venkat Ramakrishna (Sri Ram) and Sanakkayala Ravi (Jiva) are students at an engineering college and they are good friends. Pani excels in studies and comes first always. While his friends – Venkat and Ravi – are not good at studies as their heart lies somewhere. Encouraged by Pani, Venkat and Ravi get courage to do what they were afraid to do before and succeed in life. One day, Pani disappears leaving them and his girlfriend, Ria (Ileana), daughter of the dean of the college, Virupaksha Sundaram or Virus (Sathyaraj). Years later, Venkat and Ravi search for the guy who asked them to follow excellence but not chase the success. The film is told in flashback.

Artist Performance:Vijay is good as the guy with different thinking. However, he has repeated the gestures and expressions of Aamir Khan instead of coming up his own interpretation. Jiiva is the perfect choice for the role. Sreeram is nice as a guy who is bogged by the choices of his father. Ileana is alright. Satyaraj is excellent with his get-up as well as the performance. Satyam enacted his part in an entertaining way. Singer Hema Chandra’s voice for Vijay is refreshing. Sunil gave voice to Satyam and its different.

Techincal and Other Departments:
Since story and screenplay is completely borrowed from 3 idiots, Shankar’s directorial ability in translating the soul/magic of the original is put at test with this film. Though a few scenes are well-conceived and are heart-touching, Shankar couldn’t get the magic and fun element right in Snehitudu. Hence, certain sentimental scenes (the thread of ‘all is well’) are ineffective. Both duets in the film are well-shot and are in Shankar’s standard. Music by Harris Jayraj is alright. Background music is fine. Ileana song is shot really well. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is good. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi are ok, but lip sync is missing for a few dialogues. Editing by Anthony is fine, but the movie needs a lot of trimming.

Movie Analysis:I have seen 3 idiots movie and I remember it pretty well. When that movie is made in Tamil, then dubbed in Telugu, there are so many constraints. We watch Tamil movies for fresh treatment and innovative concepts. All one can look at when we watch Snehitudu is whether Shankar has succeeded in making it right for the local audiences. If you haven’t watched 3 Idiots movies, Snehitudu could be interesting. If you have already watched 3 Idiots, you definitely expect much more than just true translation from a director of Shankar’s caliber. The magic of 3 Idiots is missing.

Final View:As 3 Idiots is one of the best written movies in Indian Cinema ever, the positive elements of its remake Snehitudu also should be credited with the original writers. Director Shankar, who loved the 3 Idiots and decided to remake it immediately, is faithful to the original but he is not successful at bringing the original charm and emotions here. For those who have not seen the original movie, it may seem well. For others it is strictly okay.

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