Film: Ishq(Telugu)Cast: Nitin, Nithya Menen, Ajay, Sindhu Tolani, Satya Krishna, Nagineedu, Rohini, and others
Dialogues & co-director: Ramesh Samala
Cinematography: P C Sriram
Music: Anup Ruebens, Aravind Shankar
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Action: Vijay
Art: Rajiv Nair
Produced by: Vikram Goud
Written and directed by: Vikram K Kumar
Release date: Feb 24, 2012
Watched Theatre:Bhaskar Delux A/c, Guntur.
Rating : 3 / 5
Nitin and Nitya Menon new Telugu Film Ishq Movie Review:Nitin has a record number of flops than any other Telugu hero so far. However, he has been getting offers to change his fortunes. Once again, he has come up with the movie, Ishq wherein he has romanced Nithya Menon. It is a cute love story and the director has weaved the love thread very impressively between the lead pair. Though the second half goes on expected lines and tests the patience of audiences, the pre-climax twist and the interesting climax gives a relief to the audiences.Story:Rahul (Nitin) falls in love with Priya (Nitya Menen) when he first sees her at a traffic island in Delhi on his route to airport. She turns out to be his co-passenger on Hyderabad flight and due to bad weather the flight lands in Goa. In Goa, love between them blossoms. When they land in Hyderabad, Rahul gets to know that her brother (Ajay) is the guy with whom he has a quarrel. Rest of the story is how this Ishq wins in the end.

Artist Performance:Nitin looks completely different in this movie. He is matured as an actor. He tried to be himself and completely justified his character. He has succeeded in getting the minute nuances work with his performance. Nitya Menon continued it from where she left in Ala Modalaindi. She is cute and natural. Ajay steals it from everybody whenever he gets a meaty role. In this film too, he made sure that he adds value. Ali is entertaining in a cameo. Nagineedu is good in a vital role. Sindhu Tolani, Satya Krishnan, Supreet and Ravi Prakash are adequate.

Techincal and Other Departments:There is nothing to talk about the cinematography as it is handled by award-winning cinematographer like PC Sriram. He has captured the beauty of Goa and other places excellently and every frame and every shot is a marvel. Likewise, Srikar Prasad’s editing too is very impressive and tight. Dialogues by Ramesh Samala are adequate. Music by Anup Rubens is okay. All the songs in the film are quite melodious and the background score too is good. When it comes to screenplay and direction, Vikram has done a nice job.

Analysis:First half of the film is nice and classy. Second half is ok with commercial twists. The narration of the film is slow. Plus points are good characterizations, nice screenplay, cinematography and music. A compact second half would have been good. Nitin is in his elements in Ishq. Ishq is likely to bring the much needed success to Nitin.

Final View:Pre-interval romantic episodes, endearing lead pair and their chemistry, and good dialogues make the movie interesting. Despite faulty second half , Ishq, on the whole, is worth watch.

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