Film: Neeku Naaku Dash Dash(Telugu)Cast: Prince, Nanditha, Benarjee, Teertha, Venu, Parachuri Venkateswara Rao and others
Dialogues: Ramaswamy and Teja
Cinematography : Rasool Ellore
Music: Yashwanth
Background music: Anup Rubens
Produced by: Anand Prasad
Banner: Bhavya Creations
Story, screenplay and directed by: Teja
Release date: April 13, 2012
Watched Theater :Keerthana A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.75 / 5
Debutant actors Prince and Nanditha Telugu Film Neeku Naaku Dash Dash Movie Review:
Director Teja, who carved a niche for himself with films like Nuvvu Nenu and Jayam, is back with a new wave flick called Neeku Naku Dash Dash. The film is produced by Bhavya Creations with Yashwant Nag scoring music.Story:Siva (Prince) has a very straight-forward nature and he always loves his friends. Once a situation arises that he is forced to work in a liquor syndicate led by Bapinidu and his illegal wife Chittithalli (Theertha). Accidentally, he falls in love with Gayatri (Nanditha) and their love results unexpected developments in the syndicate. At this juncture, there was a huge loss to the family of a co-worker because of Siva and he wants to correct the mistake even at the cost of his life. The other members of syndicate and Bapinidu realises this and starts chasing Siva to eliminate him. Will he able to save his co-worker’s family? Can he escape the attacks of the members of the syndicate? What happened to his love? Answers to all these questions form the part of climax.

Artist Performace:Prince is a charming boy and has appeared in a decent avatars. However, he seems to have imitated Mahesh Babu in certain scenes and such attempts should have been avoided. Otherwise, he looks good. Nanditha, though not so glamorous, is just okay and has the terrific acting qualities, which are impressive. The role played by an artiste in the character of Bapineedu also had done justice to his role and Nalla Venu is the right choice to play the side-kick of villain. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Benerjee have done justice to their roles, while Suman Shetty tried his best to tickle the funny bones of the audiences.

Technical and Other Departments:Though it is learnt that Red Eye Camera was used for the movie, the usage was not proper and uniformal. Visuals are good in some scenes, but average most of the time. Of course, the editing could have been better. When it comes to music, the background score is poor and re-recording is a crap. Dialogues are just good in parts and appeal masses. In fact, the original storyline appears to be interesting at the time of narration, but is not projected in the way it has to be on-screen. The first half is not too bad. But the second half is not impressive due to the old kind of narration adopted by the director.

Final View:Lovers on the run – is an oft-repeated theme but director Teja adds dash of bootlegging to it.That liquor mafia backdrop set in a dense forest for a love story has added some novelty to Teja’s Neeku Naaku Dash Dash . Good locations and music are plus points of this movie. On the whole, it is an okay movie.

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