Film : Racha (Telugu)Banner: Mega Supergood Films
Cast: Ram Charam Tej, Tamanna, Ajmal, Mukesh Rushi, Dev Gill, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nassar, Parthiban, Venu Madhav, Ravi Babu, Srinivasa Reddy, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh, Ali, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, Fish Venkat, Geetha, Sudha, Geetu Singh, Satya Krishnan, Jhansi, Hema, Pragati, etc
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Art: Anand Sai
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Story – screenplay – direction: Sampath Nandi
Producers: NV Prasad & Paras Jain
Release date: 5 April 2012
Theater watched: Cinesquare, Guntur.
Rating : 3 / 5
Ramcharan Tej and TamannaNew telugu Film Racha Movie Review:
After giving a flop in Orange, Ram Charan Teja is back with Racha. The audiences in general and fans in particular are keeping high hopes on the film. However, the film is coming from not a big director, but an able one like Sampath Nandi. People are having high expectations, as the film is coming from a successful production house like Mega Super Good Films of RB Choudary. Let us see whether it has lived up to their expectations.

Story:Raju (Ram Charan), a street-smart guy, always wins at betting and earns money from it and lives with his adopted parents at a slum. One day, his father (M S Narayana) falls ill and he is diagnosed with liver-related disease and doctors ask him to bring Rs 20 Lakhs for the transplantation of liver. At the same time, a proposal comes to him that if he makes a notorious Business tycoon Ballari’s (Mukesh Rishi) daughter Chaitra (Tamannah) fall in love with him, he would get the money for his father’s operation. Raju accepts the challenge and subsequently makes her fall in his love. But there is a twist in the tale; there is a mission behind this mission. Rest of the drama is all about knowing the real reason behind this bet.

Artist Performance:Ram Charan has proved himself as a terrific man for the masses with his first two films. He has chosen a safe and time-tested mass script this time. He is excellent with dialogues, dances, fights and mannerisms. You can find a lot of references to Gharana Mogudu in his mannerisms. Tamanna has a weighty role in this movie and does justice. She has danced with amazing fluidity. Ajmal (Rangam fame) plays an important role and he is good. Mukesh Rushi is routine. Brahmanandam’s comedy is partly okay. Ali’s cameo is nice. Parthiban is very good as the father of hero. MS Narayana is a miscast for the role of hero’s adopted father. The sympathy factor will not work out if you cast a comedian for role of a patient with critical illness. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao did an important role.

Technical and Other Departments:It is Mani Sharma, who needs to be mentioned first among technicians. He has given excellent tunes to all the songs and the remix song ‘Vana vana…’. The choreography of songs too is worth praising. Next comes the cinematography by Sameer Reddy. He has shown his prowess in capturing the beautiful locales with his camera. Editing by Gauthamraju is adequate. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are aimed at masses. Especially in the climax, ‘Edo cheppi thoda kotte vamsam kadura maadi’ kind of dialogues get good response from the audiences. Finally, Sampath Nandi has come out with a good film. Though, the story is not that great and is quite predictable one, the ability of the director made it quite interesting. Especially, the way he penned the screenplay has to be appreciated

Movie Analysis:First half has a bit of fun. Second half has story and twists. Plus points of the film are Ram Charan Tej and dialogues. On the flip side, freshness in story and better handling of the film would have made this film connect with the contemporary audiences. Racha film is made for fans and masses. This is the first big star film of summer 2012 and it has garnered terrific openings. The success of the film will depend on how masses embrace it.

Final View:Both actor Ram Charan and his director Sampath Nandi have played safe game by following the same pattern of earlier mass-masala movies. Racha offers nothing new but has enough elements that entertain the mass audiences and mega fans; for them it is paisa vasool one.

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