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Movie : Daruvu(Telugu)Cast: Ravi Teja,Taapsee Pannu
Music : Vijay Antony
Cinematography : Vetri
Editing : Gautham Raju
Director : Siva
Producer : Burugupalli Siva Rama Krishna
Written : Siva (story),Aadi Narayana (story)
Dialogues :Ramesh Gopi , Anil Ravipudi
Screenplay : Siva,Aadi Narayana
Studio : Sri Venkateswara Entertainments
Distributed by :Sri Venkateswara Film Distributors (Nizam),BlueSky Cinemas(overseas)
Release date : May 25, 2012 (2012-05-25)
Watched theater : siva A/c, Guntur.
Rating : 3 / 5

Raviteja New Telugu Film Daruvu Movie Review:Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja always woos the front-benchers. This time, the actor has made an attempt to attract the town, city and family audiences with his latest movie Daruvu, for which director Siva has penned an excellent socio-fantasy subject.

Story:Old Yama (Satyanararyana) decides to give up his job and makes his son (Prabhu) a king of Yamalokam. But Chitragupta (MS Narayana) vexed up with the new king and decides to take revenge against him. In Bhulokam, Bullet Raja (Ravi Teja) and his friend Khaja (Vennela Kishore) form a gang. Accidentally, Bullet Raja falls in love with Swetha (Tapsee). Meanwhile, a local goon Harbour Babu (Sushant Singh) also loses his heart to Swetha, and both clash for Swetha.

Though Bullet Raja (Ravi Teja) has a full life of 100 years, Chitragupta, who is looking for a right opportunity, ensures that he is killed. Bullet Raja after reaching Yamaloka comes to know that he was unjustly killed although he was entitled 100 years. His body gets burnt in Bhuloka, by the time Yamadharma Raju realises the mistake. So he introduces Bullet Raja into the body of home minister Rajendra, look-alike of Bullet Raja. What happens next will form an important portion of the film.

Artist Performances:Ravi Teja has shouldered the responsibility to run the show singlehandedly. He wins the viewers heart with his energy, typical body language and expressions, comedy timings and punch dialogues. Tapsee has filled the glamour slot.

All the other artistes have done complete justice to their roles. The sentiment scenes between Ravi Teja and Jayasudha remind us the films like Amma, Nanna, O Tamila Ammayi. Prabhu and MS Narayana tickle the funny bones as Yama and Chitragupta. Brahmanandam is also a good source of comedy.

Technical and Other departments:Vijay Antony's songs or the background music are the major highlight. Vijay Gopi has penned excellent one-liners for Ravi Teja and viewers enjoy his punch dialogues which suit his body language. Vetrivel’s cinematography is adequate and Gauthamraju’s editing too suit well with the camera work. Though the film has the story which has come up many times on the Telugu silver screen, the screenplay penned by the director himself, and the narration of the film, make the audience enjoy the movie to the full extent. He has used Ravi Teja’s energy and his comedy timings completely. The production value of Sivaramakrishna is awesome.

Movie Anlaysis:The story of this film not anymore new to our audience as it was a time tested one. Right from Late NTR to Chiranjeevi to Jr. NTR most of them tried and tested this formula. A socio fantasy with Yamalokam backdrop has been proved successful and it is Raviteja’s turn to tease Yama Raja.

Although the storyline is predictable, the director tried to make it interesting by adding political angle to it. However he didn’t get the screenplay right. The film has too many ups and downs in the narration. Subplots were not properly developed.

Heroine goes missing for more than an hour and that shows that director failed to get all the elements in balance. Raviteja did his best to keep the flow moving. Despite all his efforts Daruvu is a letdown in terms of entertainment. It is too loud for our tastes.

Final View:Daruvu is just like any other movie of Ravi Teja. It looks like an old film narrated in a new way, an old wine in a new bottle of course. Like the old wine, which would always be very tasty as many years you keep in a bottle, in the same way Ravi Teja’s comedy abilities would always make the audiences happy.

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