Movie : Oka Romantic Crime Katha(Telugu)Cast: Sai Anil, Manoj Nandam
Music: Praveen Immadi
Producer: Yekkali Ravindra Babu
Director: Sunil Kumar Reddy
Released Date : 15 June 2012
Watched Theater : Bala Bhaskar A/c , Guntur
Rating: 2. 5 / 5
Oka Romantic Crime Kadha Telugu Movie Review:Sonta Ooru fame P.Sunil Kumar Reddy has been doing his best to pull off yet another decent film since his debut, but failed miserably till date commercially. Finally he decided to fall back on excessive sex appeal to fetch quick bucks. He roped in all new cast and made Oka Romantic Crime Kadha with a social message story. Here is the review…Movie Analysis:Suneel Kumar Reddy’s films all have something to ponder about, they are never run of the mill or flippant stories, you do get a message strong and clear. Here too, the director doesn’t spend much time to get into the story, he shows a school-going girl showing the birthday gift she had brought for her boyfriend to her friends, she fills up a geometry box with condoms. The beginning scenes at the bus stop are awkward, looks very amateurish and also it takes time for the viewer to get a hold or grasp of the characters; The characters take considerable (maybe because they are debutants and young) time to sync but after a while our attention moves only towards the story.

This story primarily revolves around two aspects – the straying of the school-going and college youth and that any crime or a wrongdoing will not go without notice. The director takes the first point and weaves another one to substantiate it. The characters to escape from one problem commit something more serious and eventually the movie winds up with the offenders showing no trace of guilt but also having no fear in admitting to the crime when cornered.

The final scene is a parent realising his fault and making up for the lost time with his child. Suneel Kumar makes it very obvious throughout the film that the girls and boys are not ignorant of anything, right from biology to murder. From stuffing their shirts with buns to show that the opposite sex falls for well-rounded and endowed females, he also shows a character committing murder, getting caught and also telling the police to organise a press meet as her ‘game is up’.

The point is not new, we also recently saw a part of it being dealt in Premalo Padithe, about youth resorting to cyber crime, the only fiction he added was the series of murders that two people commit. Also he gives the minute detailing..and shows the causes of such behaviour and provides a solution too. He also lets the youth defend themselves and the crime throwing light on their viewpoints and how they see the world.

While some youth suffer from emotional void, some suffer from poverty in various levels and some are spoilt by friendship, the director gives reason behind every character behaving such a way but does not tell it is a normal process for a growing child to get attracted to the opposite sex and they can get lured just like that. In one scene he shows a girl being pushed and abused in a service auto and she remaining helpless. All she does is show her irritation, but the same girl enjoys watching a couple going on a bike to college.

Final View:The small wants become desires and the film is a reflection of misguided and uncontrolled minds. Oka Romantic Crime Katha can be preserved as a DVD to teach the adolescents of the ways of the world. The performances are not upto the mark, they are just reasonably okay. The duets could have been avoided. Make up is terrible, dialogues are sporadically interesting and technically it lacks flourish.The film scores on content and narration alone and that couldn’t have been better. If the movie makes an impact on every teen and parent the purpose will be served.

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