Film: Andala Rakshasi(Telugu)
Cast: Rahul, Naveen Chandra, Lavanya T, Pragati, CVL Narasimha Rao, Mickey, Pragathi and others
Music: Radhan
Cinematography: Murali G
Art director: S Ramakrishna
Editing: Chandu G V
Choreography: Ajay Sai
Produced by: Sai Korrapati and S S Rajamouli
Written and directed by: Hanu Raghavapudi
Release date: August 10, 2012
Watched Theater: Bollywood A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.5 / 5

Director S.S Rajamouli new telugu film as a producer Andala Rakshasi Movie Review:
‘Love is the irresistible gravity between hearts that pulls them into the game of fate’. This has been best carried out on the screen through Andala Rakshasi. Hanu Raghavapudi debut directorial venture has sound technical values. The heart-touching love story seems to be a rehash of Manirathnam’s early film. It appears like the director is retelling the story of Mounaragam with tragic end.


The film is set in 1990’s. Gautham (Rahul), a rich businessman’s son, aspires to live an ordinary life and leads such life in Hyderabad. One day he falls for the charms of a student Midhuna (Lavanya) on a first sight. In a jump cut it is revealed that she meets with accident and Gautham and his father funds her surgery. Their parents arrange their marriage as well. On the wedding day, she reveals about her love with Surya (Naveen Chandra), so both Gautham and Midhuna run away from wedding and start understanding each other. Few months later, it is revealed that Surya is not dead. And the drama continues between the three.

Artist Performances:

Rahul Ravindran has delivered wonderful acting, his expressions throughout the movie are awesome. As Mithuna, Lavanya Tripathi has done her part very well and she emotes well, which is appealing. But it is Naveen Chandra, whose rock-solidness makes everyone like him in the end. Others have also done justice to their roles.

Technical and Other Departments:

Murali G’s camera work is main attraction in the technical front. Then comes art work, which is also super. Radhan’s music is also plus point of the movie. His compositions like ‘Yemito’ and ‘Emito ivale rekkalochinattu’ are good to listen. Editing is also commendable.

Movie Analysis:

Set in the 1990s-93, Andala Rakshasi is debut feature film of Hanu Raghavapudi, a former associate of Chandrasekhar Yeleti. Kitsch of all Manirathnam’s early movies, Andala Rakshasi is in particular retelling of Manirathanm’s classic Mounaragam with a tragic end. The film blatantly apes visual style and scenes from many Manirathnam’s films but the director tests the audiences’ patience with lethargic pace. In major part of the movie, nothing happens, except cinematographer capturing the actor’s gestures and nature beautifully. Instead of having a normal conversation, all the three lead actors yell or shout at each other. Even when one someone asks question, the actors move 10 yards further then yell and reply. This happens throughout the film. It is a beautifully captured film but very loud and unrealistic.

Although the movie is set in early 1990’s the film looks as if it is happening now with vehicles, hoardings, high-rise apartments in Hyderabad, which were absent then, but can been seen now. Only that the makers have put a note at the beginning of the film that excuse us for this goof up. Even if we excuse that one, the setting of the 1990’s hardly makes any sense other than the fact that lack of mode of fast communication plays key point in the last scene.

Final View:

Overall, Andhala Rakshasi is good romantic entertainer. If you are fan of heart-touching love story, then don’t miss this film.

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