Film: Avunu(Telugu) 
Cast: Poorna, Harshavardhan Rane, Chalapathi Rao, Delhi Rajeshwari, Sudha, Bhargavi, Chintu, Master Chakravarthi, & others
Dialogues: Nivas
Screenplay: Satyanand
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Art: Narayana Reddy
Produced by: D Suresh Babu & Prasad V Potluri
Written, produced and directed by: Ravi Babu
Released date : 21 September 2012
 Rating: 3.25 / 5 

Ravibabu New Telugu Film Avunu Movie Review: 
Ravibabu is known for bringing out good films. Most of his movies were hit and critically acclaimed. It is well known that his films are not boring and worth watching. This time, he has brought out a real life incident and it explains how the fear psychosis will be. If someone explains their horrifying experience and in case you have to be alone in a room, the same incident keeps haunting you too. This psychosis is well-explained through this film Avunu.

A newly wed couple Mohini (Poorna) and Harsha (Harshavardhan Rane) moves into a posh residence in a gated community that is yet to be fully occupied. Harsha’s parents stay with this couple for few days before going back to their native place. Their neighbors are a family of three – Harsha’s colleague (Chintu), and his wife (Bhargavi) and son (Master Chakravarthy). The kid sees ghosts and speaks with them claims that he spoke with a ghost called captain Raju. Everyone thinks it is just a child’s play but the ghost slowly starts harassing Mohini. Rest of the drama is all about the ghost and its games with Mohini.

Artists Performance: 
Poorna has taken the entire responsibility of the film. The entire film revolves around her and Ravibabu, Harshavardhan Rane and others support her. She has given an extraordinary performance all through the film. Ravibabu has played well as the police officer. As Mohini’s husband, Harshavardhan Rane has just supported her and done justice to his character. Chalapati Rao and Rajeswari have filled the comedy slot. Others have also done justice to their roles.

Technical and Other Departments: 
Sudhakar Reddy’s cinematography is apt and he has not chosen dim light like a regular horror film. He has used static camera for the entire film. There are no different angles and movements. Editing is also okay. Sekhar Chandra’s music needs kudos. Especially the background score is worth the movie.

Movie Analysis: 
Ravibabu will never do regular subjects and he opts to do some thing different. He has penned a perfect screenplay and maintained good grip all through the film Avunu. He has made the audiences to sit on the edge of their seat and watch the entire film. The narration of the subject is fine and the suspense element is maintained till the climax. Moreover, he has perfectly made use of special effects in the movie.

The film’s pace never goes slow down and the director has maintained the suspense till the end. Performance of the lead actress Poorna is another major advantage to the movie.

But again, the film’s plot line is not novel. The director seems to have inspired by many Horror thrillers. The couple landing in a sparsely occupied gated community and ghost element is similar to that of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). In the original film, a couple with their kids comes to a hotel. The kid talking to his dead grandfather and the hospital scene in the climax is straight copy from Sixth Sense (1999). The climax sequences remind us of Hollow Man (2000) and Paranormal Activity.

When you are watching the film, these references hardly matter as the director has handled the film in a taut manner.

Final View: 
Ravi Babu’s Avunu is a well-made thriller that ends in a jiffy manner with just 115 minutes of runtime. It has no cheap comedy or sleaze. A decent genre specific horror movie with some good chills and thrills. Those who love thrillers would definitely love it more.

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