Film: Life Is Beautiful(Telugu)
Cast: Shriya, Amala, Anjala Javeri, Abijeet, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun, Zara, Rashmi, Kavya, Naveen, Vijay, Sanjeev, Sriram and others
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics: Vanamali & Ananth Sriram
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Art Direction: Thota Tharrani
Banner: Amigos Creations Pvt Ltd
Producers: Chandrasekhar Kammula, Sekhar Kammula
Story, screenplay, dialogues and directed by: Sekhar Kammula
Release date: September 14, 2012
Runtime: 169 Mins
Theater Watched :Siva A/c, Guntur
Rating: 3 / 5

Director Shekar Kammula New Telugu Film Life is Beautiful Movie Review:

Two years after the release of his hit movie Leader, Sekhar Kammula is back with another family entertainer. His latest Life is Beautiful has a beautiful story and superb performance by lead actors. But the movie suffers from dragging narration and its length. However, it is a good time-pass for this weekend.

Life Is Beautiful is a coming of age story of six youngsters and the movie is set in the beautiful nostalgic world of a working-middle class neighborhood. The film tracks the journey of the youth of Sunshine colony through the different seasons, festivals, romances, street cricket, colony fights, and family gatherings.

This Sekhar Kammula directed movie is a story about new beginnings and celebrates life and its smaller joys. With the beginning of responsibilities and adulthood looming around the corner, their dreams and aspirations bring them all together, to make the whole experience magical. The climax is a major highlight and it is sure to make everyone weep. The mother sentiment has come out well.


The story happens in a colony called Sunshine colony. Srinu (Abhijith) along with his sisters comes to stay with his uncle in the colony. He makes friendship with Abhi (Kaushik) and Nagaraj (Sudhakar) from the same colony. While Srinu and his maradalu Paddu (Shagun) is attracted to each other, Abhi is in love with rich girl Paru (Shriya) and Nagaraju falls for his neighbor Lakshmi (Zara). The film is all about drama in their relationships.

Artists Performance:

Abhijeet is pretty good with looks and excellent with acting. The diction and dialogue delivery is little tentative and can be improved if he works on it. Sudhakar Komakula has done an outstanding job and lived the character he is given. He is basically from Vizag and his portrayal of a local Telangana guy with fida heart is perfect. He stands out in the entire film. Kaushik is cute and impresses you with his lovable demeanor. Naveen is stylish and charming as the leader of posh gang. Vijay Devarakonda is good as a rich guy who traps girl from other neighborhood. But the one who steals the entire show with terrific performance is the little girl Kavya. A lot of credit should go to writing and characterization as well. Amala Akkineni is perfect. I wish she had more screen time. Anjala Zaveri maintains the same figure and oozes the same glamour even after a decade. She is nice. Shriya is good, but looks elder to Kaushik (may be the part of the characterization like Sekhar has done between Rahul-Sonia in Happy Days). Zara is glamorous and is good with performance. Shagun Gupta is pretty good. Rashmi Shastry is competent as sister of hero. Sriram did the role of an obese guy from rich community. Surekha Vani portrayed negative shades well. All other actors are new and they suited the roles well.

Technical and Other Departments:

Among the technical cast, music director Micky J Meyer has come up with winning songs but he has failed to lift the film’s mood when necessary with his background score. Many scenes seem dull because of this. Even cinematographer’s work is inconsistent. The colony set erected by renowned art director Thota Tharani is praiseworthy.

As a writer and director, Sekhar Kammula’s asset has always been penning the conversational dialogues in natural manner. The film has also has some good dialogues but his script has no meat this time. He excels best in handling of Amala episode and a child’s emotional speech.

Movie Analysis:

First half of the film is nice and it establishes the conflict points. The second half is also nice, but for a few dull moments. The climax part makes up for the dullness and gives you the satisfaction of watching good film when you come out of the theater. The plus points are Sekhar’s trade mark beautiful moments, casting, dialogues, direction and a strong mother sentiment. On the flip side, a better background music and shorter runtime would have helped the film further. On a whole, Life is Beautiful is a good movie. Go and watch it!

Final View:

Sekhar Kammula’s Life Is Beautiful definitely has few good moments but they are very few. If you believe that life is all about picking up little good things scattered along the way, this coming-of-age movie might work for you as it offers few nice moments scattered here and there. For others, Life Is Beautiful seems an average movie and more importantly it gives the feeling of watching Happy Days again with a different milieu. Except the final scenes, major part of the movie is monotonous.

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