Film: Rebel (Telugu)
Banner: Sri Balaji Cine Media

Prabhas, Tamanna, Deeksha Seth, Krishnam Raju, Mukesh Rushi, Pradeep Rawat,
Brahmanandam, Ali, Prabha, Kovai Sarala, Supreet, Dr. Bharat Reddy, MS Narayana
Cinematography: C Ram
: Darling Swamy
Marthand K Venkatesh
Art: Prakash
Ram Laxman
Story – screenplay – music – choreography –
: Raghava Lawrence
J Bhagawan
& J Pulla Rao
Release date
: 28 September
Theater watched: Hollywood, Guntur
Rating : 3 / 5
Prabhas New Telugu Film Rebel Movie Review:
Actor Prabhas is back with another mass entertainer. His latest outing
Rebel has created a lot of curiosity among viewers and it surely lives
up to their expectations. Prabhas rocks the movie buffs with his style and
Rishi comes to Hyderabad in search of Mafia’s deadly duo Stephen and Robert.
Nobody knows how they look like. Rishi’s mission is to identify them and
eliminate them. He starts from the bottom of the mafia pyramid to get to the
top. In the process he uses a beautiful girl (Tamanna) who dislikes her father’s
criminal activity and settles as a dance teacher in Bangkok. The rest of the
story is about what prompted Rishi to search for Stephen and Robert and how he
eliminates them.
Artists Performance:

Rebel is the show of Prabhas, who has delivered a brilliant performance
as a timid son, a sweet lover boy and a violent gangster. He rocks the viewers
in action, dance, romance and sentimental sequences. As a dance teacher, Tamanna
looks very glamorous and has displayed her dancing skills in Rebel.
Deeksha Seth does not have much scope, but she has done justice to her role. As
villains, Pradeep Rawat and Mukesh Rushi have done good job. Brahmanandam and
Ali have a few good moments, but the director has failed to utilise them

Technical and Other Departments:
Raghava Lawrence’s music is the main highlight in the technical front. The
picturisation of the songs is beautiful. The choreography of fights and dance is
excellent. The art direction, costume and makeup in different action and song
sequences is superb. The dialogues are good. The editing could have been better.
Marthand K Venkatesh should have trimmed several scenes in the second half.

Movie Analysis:
Rebel is an revenge-based action film. Prabhas is known as one of the best mass
stars of Telugu cinema. Lawrence’s movies are known to appeal to the raw senses
of mass movie lovers. Rebel is no exception. Interval block is really good.
Rebel has decent commercial elements and targeted at masses. Masses will like

Final View:
Overall, Rebel is a pure commercial entertainer movie, which
showcases Prabhas’ heroism. It has its own share of drawbacks and a few
illogical sequence, but they will not deter the viewers from enjoying the film.
Don’t miss it, if you are Prabhas fan.


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