Film: Brothers (Telugu, Tamil)

Surya, Kajal Agarwal, Ravi Prakash,
Sachin Khedekar, Tara Anuradha, Manmohit, Krishna Bharadwaj, Ajay
Ratnam, Shankar Krishnamurthy, Reda Oumouzoune, Isha Sherwani, Irina
Maleeva, Julia Bliss, Zeodinis,

K.V. Anand, Subha

K.V. Anand, Subha

Shashank Vennelakanti

S. Soundar Rajan

Harris Jairaj

Audiography: A.S. Laxminarayana

Chandrabose, Vanamali

Krish, M.K. Balaji, Vijay Prakash,
Karthik, Franco, Sathyan, Aalap Raju, Javed Ali, Harini, Suchitra, Priya
Hemesh, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Mili Nair, Charulatha Mani

Choreography: Dinesh Shikari, Brinda,

Art: Rajeevan


Action: Peter Hein, Yannick Ben

Visual Effects Supervisor: V. Srinivas Mohan

Visual Effects Consultant:
Hao Li

Dubbing Incharge: Solomon

Dubbing Studios:
Gemini Studios

Bellamkonda Suresh, Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu

K.V. AnandDate of Theatrical Release:
October 12, 2012
Theater Watched: Gowri Shankar A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.75 / 5

Surya New South Film Brothers Movie Review:
Actor Surya is one of the most popular Tamil actors in Tollywood and he has rocked the Telugu audience with his last movie 7aum Arivu. Now, the superstar is back with Brothers, the dubbed version of his Tamil movie Maattrraan
(Maatran). He has once again made sure that he would rock them and
director KV Anand’s wonderful story and direction will help him to
become the showman.

Ramachandra (Sachin
Khedekar), one of the top genetic scientists of India, becomes the
father of conjoined twins Vimal and Akhil (Surya and Surya) due to an
improperly designed genetic experiment he had conducted over his own
wife. As a result of the failed genetic experiment, only Vimal has a
heart and Akhil is conjoined to his body above the waist. (But probably
due to the robust genes, such conjoined twins can still stay alive and
grow though that’s normally unlikely.) When the Soviet Union broke up in
1991, he loses his job as a scientist. He works hard later and sets up a
dairy products firm Locus Lacto Products and becomes successful as the
developer of its highly-sold product – a children’s drink called
Energion. An Ukvanian journalist Volga comes to interview Ramachandra
about his success and her photographing of various parts of the factory,
office, and cattle farm arouse suspicions. Anjali (Kajal), a translator
who tags along with the journalist as required by her profession, is
instantly liked by Vimal for her love towards Telugu literature and
becomes a friend of both Vimal and Akhil. As Volga probes deeper into
the operations of Locus Lacto Products, much more startling revelations
await. As Vimal and Akhil try to understand what’s happening, their
lives are threatened! What does the company’s Security Chief Sathish
(Ravi Prakash) know about any questionable practices at the company?

 Artists Performance:
As conjoined twins, Surya has delivered a wonderful performance and it
can be said that it is the best acting in his career and he is sure to
bag a few best actor awards for it. He looks stunning in action and
dance sequences. He has shown perfect comedy timing in the first half.
Kajal has no much scope for acting, but she surely rocks you in the song
sequences. Sachin Khedekar, Vivek and others have also done brilliant

Technical and Other Deapartments:
In the technical front Haris Jayaraj’s music is main attraction. His
background score and tunes like ‘Someone Nevevaro’, ‘The Queen Nannilam’
and item song ‘Thou art thyself’ are good to listen. Sounda Rajan’s
picturiasation is another highlight and he has done excellent camerawork
in some of the sequences. Peter Hein choreographed action is also one
of the main attractions. Anthony’s editing and Rajeevan’s art direction
are also commendable.

Movie Analysis:
Brothers is an action thriller film and Surya’s performance
as conjoined twins is the main attraction of the movie. KV Anand’s
brilliant narration. Kajal’s glamour show, Haris Jayaraj’s music, S
Sounder Rajan’s wonderful camerawork, stunning action, comedy and dance
sequences,  beautiful costumes and art directions are its other
The story of Brothers revolves around a
conjoined twins and KV Anand has written a brilliant script for the
movie. He has also managed to have a tight grip on its narration. There
are few romantic songs and comedy scenes between the conjoined twins
which keep you glued to the screen in the first half. But the movie
takes a serious mode in the second half and the climax is good.

Final View:
, the Telugu dubbed version of
Maattraan, is good in parts. Watch it for Surya, good visuals, and a totally off-beat story and treatment.
Once the ‘suspense
element’ is revealed, the film fails to hold the interest thereafter. Be
prepared that you are not watching it to see the conjoined twins –
there’s a lot more to watch beyond that aspect! But in the end it just
okay movie.

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