Kay Parker  Biography:
Kay Parker was born on  August 28, 1944, in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom she is a New Age author and former pornographic actress, best known for her depictions of incest scenes in the Taboo series.

Kay Parker Career:

Kay Parker was reportedly introduced to the adult film industry during the late 1970s by actor John Leslie, who suggested she take part in one of his upcoming films. 

Upon hearing that it was a pornographic movie, Parker reportedly declined the offer. Eventually she eased into the industry by only playing bit parts in non-sexual roles. However, porn director Anthony Spinelli talked her into doing her first sex scene in the 1977 film Sex World.

Her first onscreen sex partner was Joey Silvera. According to her autobiography Taboo – Sacred, Don’t Touch, Silvera mis-timed a slap during their sex scene, resulting in Parker’s getting a tooth chipped.

Upon release of Sex World, Parker quickly became a sensation in the adult film industry. With her posh British accent, flaming red hair and firm 38DD breasts, Parker became one of the most popular stars at that time and one of the most requested to work with by the male porn actors of the day. Her favorites included Leslie, Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Mike Ranger, Silvera and Randy West.

She appeared in adult films during the late 1970s and throughout most of the 1980s. She also got a small part in the Burt Reynolds film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982), where she can be spotted during a quick scene at the beginning of the movie. She had a brief, uncredited role as a Moabite prostitute in the historical drama Masada and body-doubled the female lead in the closing scene of The Nude Bomb, based on the TV series Get Smart.
Taboo fame:

Her most famous role, however, was that of the incestuous mother Barbara Scott in the 1980 porn film Taboo, as well as its first two sequels (Her “appearance” in the Fourth consists entirely of stock footage; in the ninth and eleventh, hers is a “non-sex” role).

In the original Taboo, Parker is partnered with Mike Ranger, who plays her son Paul Scotland. In Taboo 2 she is partnered with Kevin James, a young actor who portrayed Gregory “Junior” McBride Jr., Paul’s best friend. In Taboo 3 it’s revealed that Parker has a younger son James Scott (Jerry Butler), who, in a darkened room, she has mistaken for Paul, her older son.

She said during her commentary for the Taboo DVD that there was definitely a mutual attraction between herself and Ranger, despite an age gap of about 10 years between them.

Kay Parker also continued her “mature woman with a younger man” motif in some softcore films, such as Desert Winds (1995). She also played herself in the 2005 independent film Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star – a mockumentary about a fictional legendary Asian porn actor which included some interviews with known adult film actresses from the 70s in which they talk about their “memories” of the star.
Parker now works as a New Age metaphysical counselor and lecturer. In 2001, she wrote a book titled Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch , in which she wrote about her early childhood, her career in the adult industry, and her experiences with the metaphysical.


She is a porn Actress. some Rumors are flyed in the Porn Industries that she was Frequently changing the Husabands. but she disagree these comments . She says that She dont have enough time to change the Persons.
She says that she has a great sense of humor. If she was facing a serious situations she dont feel fear infact she laughs even in those situations. She loves all different people, Religions and different Status People equally. she says she loves eating. she says she dont oppose exposing in films.
She says that Her sexy spot was her eyes.

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