Film : Genius(Telugu)
Cast: Havish, Sanusha, R. Sarathkumar, Ashwin Babu, Vinoth, Abhinaya
Music : Joshua Sridhar
Cinematography : Diwakaran Raghunathan
Editing : M R Varmaa
Director : Omkar
Producer : Dasari Kiran Kumar
Screenplay : Vissu
Story : Chinnikrishna
Paruchuri Brothers (Dialogues)
Studio : Ramadhootha Creations, Oak Entertainment (Presents)
Release date: December 28, 2012
watched Theater: Venkata Krishna A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.5 / 5

Havish New Telugu film Genius Movie Review:

Finally much awaited film genius was released but it failed to convince the audiences its a Brave attempt by omkar, if you won’t mind watching a ” sincere message ” oriented film, go for it.

Havish, Ashwin babu, Vinod are close friends from childhood. This three young man has one specific weakness which they are serious and crazy about. Havish wants to make Pradeep Rawat as MLA, Ashwin like his friend [Adarsh] and does anything for him and Vinod is mad follower of Chinna babu [Master Bharat]. Situations arises in such a way that which totally turns their life up and down. What are those situations have to be see on silver screen.

Artists Performances:
Havish has improved much in his performance when compared to his debut Nuvvila. But even though more importance is given to him in this movie, he could not utilize it properly. He falls short to give good expressions at crucial scenes. Brahmi special comedy episode is hilarious specially his dance steps to Chiru and Pawan songs will stay in audience minds. Suman as hero father looked apt in brahmin getup, he was not utilized properly. Sarath kumar as senior police officer made his presence even his portion is short. Kota Srinivasa rao and Annapoorna did perfect justice to their role, their performance will move you into tears. Master Bharat, Krishna Bhagawan, Venu Madhav and Thagu bothu Ramesh handled comedy part of the film with above average acting.

Technical and Other Departments:

Ohmkkar who has the experience of directing TV shows has proved that he has potential to handle main stream movies with this film. He failed in the narration of first half with confusing plots but the way he canned second half is apprehensible. Dialogues which are inked by Paruchuri Brothers and Chinni Krishna are outstanding. Especially dialogues in second half and climax will make audience think for a minute, how dangerous idolizing celebs can be & affect you. Cinematography by Diwakaran Raghunath did a fabulous job regarding songs, and every scene looked fresh and rich like a big star film. Joshua Sridhar background score is awesome, it helped more than hundred percent to elevate the emotions and seriousness in the film. His songs were one time watch and listenable. Editing by MR Varmaa could have been trimmed little better, Vissu screenplay especially in first half is horrible and production values looked very high.

Movie Analysis:

Ohmkkar had showed the guts and craze to come up with a message orient film, pushing aside present trend of commercial entertainment film. Audience who buys a ticket with curiosity to see what Ohmkkar has done in this flick will be surprised with good work. First half of the film is boring with confusing multiple un-situational songs, couple of kidnap scenes. It is smartly wrapped up in one hour time frame, Brahmi’s comedy episode, hot item song by Scarlett, Suman and Sarath Kumar intro are only things to watch out for. Film story moves forward in the second half with Nivas giving a live police interrogations. Ohmkkar directional skills can be sensed from second half to climax. Experience and maturity which Paruchuri Brothers poses can be clearly seen in this film. Fight scenes at pre-climax and climax are shot perfectly.

Final View:

Poor narration with unconvincing climax!!!

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