Film: Ko Antey Koti 2012 (Telugu)
Cast: Sharwanand, Sri Hari, Priya Anand, Vinay Verma, Prabhakar, Kallu Chidambaram, Tagubotu Ramesh, Nischal, Lakshman, Kousha, Prudvi, etc..
Dialogues: Praveen Boyina
Music: Shakti Kanth Karthick
Sound design: Rakshith
Cinematography: Rakesh Erukulla and Naveen Yadav
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Fights: Solomon
Banner: Sarvaa Arts
Producer: Myneni Vasundhara Devi
Executive Producer: Sudhir Kumar Chennuru
Written and Directed by: Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Released on: December 28, 2012
Watched Theater: KrishnaMahal A/c, Guntur
Rating: 2.75 / 5

Sharwananad, Srihari New Telugu Film Ko Antey Koti Movie Review:

Talented actor Sharwanand is turning producer with the movie Ko Antey Koti, which has hit the marquee today. Directed by Anish Kuruvilla, the film has an interesting storyline and wonderful performances by the lead actors. But it might fail to impress you due to its slow and vague narration.


Maya (Srihari), a professional thief, hires a thief Vamsi (Sharwanand) who is planning to lead a happy life and retire from chori, after a big heist. Two other crooks PC and Chitti join the gang. They steal huge money and agree to share the amount in equal parts. But Maya has other plans. Then there is  Satya (Priya Anand) who happens to be Vamsi’s lover.

Artists Performances:

As a robber, Sri Hari has done brilliant job. He is perfect star for the role, which has different shades. Sharwanand’s role has also got equal scope and as usual, he has delivered a mature performance. His chemistry with Priya Anand is also a highlight of the movie. Others have also done justice to their respective roles.

Technical and Other Departments:

Shakti Kanth’s music is the main highlight in technical front. Erukulla Rakesh and Naveen Yadav have tried to bring realistic feeling for the film with their cinematography. The action and dance sequences have been well choreographed. The dialogues and editing works are also commendable.

Movie Analysis:

Ko Antey Koti is a romantic action movie and Sri Hari and Sharwanand’s wonderful performances are its main attractions. Shakti Kanth’s music, Erukulla Rakesh and Naveen Yadav’s cinematography and interesting script are some of its other highlights. But the director’s failure in executing the concept on screens is the main drawback of the film. The movie revolves around a mega robbery and the twists and suspense elements are good to watch. But the director has complicated the things in the first half with unclear, dragging narration. The film continues with this lack of clarity in the second half without providing any thrill and excitement to the viewers. But the climax clears the air.

Final View:
Ko Antey Koti shows much promise with terrific visuals and good music. A good promise of different film is dogged down by incoherent treatment. A neo-noir kind of movie in Telugu, which has never been tried in Tollywood.

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