Film : Shatruvu (Telugu, 2013)
Cast: Srikanth,Aksha
Director: NSR Prasad
Producer: Rami Reddy A
Release Date: 24 Jan 2013
Genre:  Action – Romance
Music Director :  Gana
Release Date: 24 January, 2013
Watched Theater : Tollywood,A/c Guntur
Rating : 1.5 / 5

Srikantha and Aksha New Telugu Film Shatruvu Movie Review:

Family Hero Srikanth is coming up with a host of new films and most of them are ending up as damp squibs at the Box Office. He had a decent Box Office potential once and he is trying to earn it back. His latest attempt is ‘Shatruvu’. The film has released today in Andhra Pradesh. Let us see how it is.

Aravind (Rahman) is the mayor of Hyderabad and his daughter is Anusha (Aksha). Rahman pampers his daughter a lot as she loses her mother at a very young age. The story takes a new direction when Anusha goes abroad and falls in love with a guy called Karthik. Karthik is an aspiring Tennis player and Anusha sends him to her dad in a bid to boost his fledgling career.
The story takes a twist here and Anusha returns back to India to seek revenge. She decides to take the help of a rowdy known as Shankar Anna (Srikanth) in order to achieve her objective.
What is the twist in the story? Why does Anusha seek Shankar’s help? That is the story of this film.

Artists Performances:

Shatruvu is a female-centric film, but Srikanth has got good scope for his role and he has done justice to his role. Aksha impress you with her good performance and glamour. Rehman and others have also done justice to their respective roles.

Technical and Other Departments:

In technical front, Gana’s music, cinematography and choreography of action and dance are good. But double-meaning dialogues are obscene. The movie has several unnecessary scenes, which could be been cropped by the editor

Movie Analysis:

Shatruvu is a romantic action movie with all the masala elements. Srikanth-Aksha’s performances are the main attraction in the movie. Gana’s music, Raghu Babu and Duvvasi Mohan’s humour, beautifully choreographed dance and action scenes are its other highlights. The director’s inability to execute several scenes on screen properly is the big drawback of the film. And double-meaning dialogues are also among its weaknesses.Director NSR Prasad has chosen a tried-and-trusted story for Shatruvu and tried to paint it with new colours. Although he has put in lot of effort in the film, the failure in execution mars the beauty of the film. Despite having all commercial elements like romance, action, good music and comedy, the first half of the movie fails to impress you. The director ends first half with an interesting twist, but it does not last long in the second half.

Final View:

Srikanth had some pretty good Box Office hits a few years ago. He should not spoil that legacy with poorly made films like this. There is nothing for viewers in this movie, so you can safely stay away

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