Film:Bad Boy(Telugu,2013)
Cast:Karthi,Anushka Shetty,Francis,Santhanam, Milind Soman,Suman
Music :Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography :Saravanan
Editing :Praveen K. L.,N. B. Srikanth
Producer :K. E. Gnanavelraja
Written by:Suraj
Studio:Studio Green
Distributed by:Studio Green
Release date:22 March 2013
Running time :162 minutes
Watched Theater : Metro, Guntur
Rating : 2.75 / 5
Karthi and Anushka New telugu film Bad boy Movie Review:

Eight months after the release of Sakuni, Tamil actor Karthi has made his comeback to Tollywood. He might have failed to impress Tamil audience with Alex Pandian, but its Telugu version Bad Boy will definitely rock the film goers in Andhra Pradesh. This movie does not have a solid story, but its masala elements and rich production values are its biggest strengths.


The story revolves around Dr GKM (Suman) and Alvin Martin (Milind Soman) who are planning to distribute fake medicines with devastating side affects. They want to sign a deal with the state government, but the Chief Minister refuses to sign. Hence, they hire a local thief (Karthi) to abduct CM’s daughter (Anushka). He kidnaps her and keeps her as a hostage in a forest. But the girl falls in love with him. What happens next will form the rest of the story.

Artists Performances:

Karthi has carried the complete responsibility of running the while show on his shoulders and has given a brilliant performance. Without taking a body double, he rocks you in the action and chase scenes. He also shown lot of ease in comedy scenes. Anushka Shetty does not have much score for performance, but she looks very colourful and impresses you with her glamour. Her chemistry with Karthi is a highlight of the film Bad Boy.

Santhanam tickles your funny bones with his perfect comedy timing. But some of his portions look hilarious and poorly written. As Santhanam’s sisters, Nikita Thukral, Sanusha and Akanksha Puri have also given good performance. But as a baddie, Milind Soman and Suman have got nothing much to do except for a few round of gunfire in the film Bad Boy.

Techincal and Other Departments:

The music of Devi Sri Prasad is the main attraction in the technical front. His background score is appreciable and a couple of his soundtracks are also good. Sarvanan’s cinematography is another highlight in the technical departments. Especially, he has done brilliant picturisation in the chase and a couple of songs sequence. Praveen-KL Srikanth’s editing is also commendable. Wonderfully choreographed action and chase scenes are one among the biggest assets of the movie Bad Boy. The funny dialogues also get full marks. The beautiful art direction and good selection of costumes and locations are also among its biggest strengths.

Movie Analysis:

Bad Boy is a action masala flick and Karthi’s electrifying performance is the main centre of attraction in the film. Devi Sri Prasad’s music, Sarvanan’s photography, amazing stunts and chasing scenes, good narration and dialogues, Santhanam’s comedy, Anushka Shetty’s glamour, beautiful art, costumes and locations are the other highlights of the movie. Its biggest drawbacks are tried-and-tested story and predictable plot.As it is said earlier, Bad Body does not have a new story. Director Suraj has picked up an old story of 1980s, which glorified the heroism of a lead star. Using the latest technology, he has created a good entertainer. His narration is fast and engaging and he has a good tempo.The movie begins with an amazing train chase sequence followed by Karthi’s high-octane action sequence. Then comes comedian Santhanam to tickle your funny bones. The first half is racy and is a joy ride and you may not able to make out the story till the end. But the twist before the interval make you scratch your head. The second half is also interesting with lot of romance and action, but it is predictable.

Final View:

Overall, Bad Boy is a typical masala film, which has nothing to boast about the story. It is a good time-pass movie that can be watched for comedy and action sequences.

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