Film: Mahankali (Telugu, 2013)
Cast: Dr. Rajasekhar, Madhurima, Pradeep Rawat, Supreet, Vinodkumar, Annapurna, Saleem Panda
Music: Chinna
Producer: Yeluru Surendra Reddy, Parandhama Reddy
Director: Jeevitha Rajasekhar
Release date: March 08, 2013
Runtime :140 minutes
Watched Theater : Vekata Krishna, Guntur
Rating : 2.5 / 5

Dr. Rajashekar New Film Mahankali Movie Review:

Three years after the release of Maa Annayya Bangaram, Dr Rajasekhar, who is known as angry young man, has made a grand comeback with the Telugu movie Mahankali. The actor has already appeared in police getup in several movies but his role and performance in Ankusam (1990) has been the best so far. Many film goers were expecting his latest outing to be even better than Ankusam and it truly meets their expectations.


Mahankali (Rajasekhar) is a honest police officer, who hates corruption. In Hyderabad, many people die in a serial bomb blast. Mahankali is appointed as a special officer to investigate this case. Whether he succeed or not and How (Tanisha) Madhurima is releated to Mahankali should been seen on the silver screen.

Artists Performances:

As angry young man, Dr. Rajasekhar has already rocked viewers in his previous movies. Now, he is once again at it. As a police office, he has delivered superb performance in Mahankali. He surely impresses you in action and chase sequences. Actress Madhurima has less scope for performance, but she will impress you with her glamour.Others like Pradeep Rawat, Supreet, Vinodkumar, Annapurna and Saleem Panda have also delivered good performances.

Technical And Other Departments:

Director Jeevitha Rajasekhar has penned some good dialogues, which are very punching and sharp. Mahankali has good production values and S Chinna’s music and background score are the main attraction in the technical front. A few of his compositions are very good to listen.
Wonderfully choreographed fights and chases are other good assets of Mahankali.The picturisation and editing are also commendable.

Movie Analysis:

Mahankali is an action entertainer with some commercial elements and Dr Rajasekhar’s electrifying performance is the main attraction in the movie. S Chinna’s music and background score, Jeevitha’s interesting screenplay, wonderful picturisation, well-choreographed action and chase sequences are other highlights of the film.Director Jeevitha, the wife of Dr Rajasekhar, has chosen a tried and tested story, which has appeared many times on screen, but what makes her attempt different and unique is that she has thrown light on some of the current affairs. The story is about a powerful police officer, who will fight for the society. It deals with how a cop turns criminal, defies law and punishes the criminal.

Final View:

Overall, Mahankali is an average fare, which shows shades of several encounter Telugu movies in the past. If you are a die-hard fan of Rajasekhar watch it. Otherwise you can give it miss.

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