Film : Gouravam(Telugu, Tamil, 2013)
Cast : Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Preetha
Editing : Alen
Studio : Duet Movies
Director : Radha Mohan
Producer : Prakash Raj
Written by : Radha Mohan,B.V.S.Ravi,Viji
Release date : April 19, 2013
Watched Theater : Bhaskar Delux, Guntur
Rating: 2.75 / 5

Allu Sirish Debut Film Gouravam Movie Review:

Director Radha Mohan and actor-turned-producer Prakash Raj have already worked together in five movies in Telugu and Tamil. Now, they are up with their sixth outing Gouravam and they have selected a fresh face Allu Sirish, the brother of Allu Arjun for it. The trio makes sure that they rock you with a hard hitting social drama, which is embedded with good story and excellent performance.


Arjun (Allu Sirish) is a son of a rich man. On some business work, his father sends him to a village called SM Palli, where his best friend Shankar is staying. After reaching the village, he comes to know that Shankar has gone missing for the past six months. He decides to find him and a young lawyer called Yamini (Yami Gautam) come to assist him. How he unravels the mystery will form the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Allu Sirish hasn’t chosen the same old action entertainer or a love genre on his debut. As a debutant, he did an okay job but he needs to get polished in his dances, and expressions to prove his talent.
Yami Gautam has got a spotless and careful script for her Tamil debut. She holds some weighted role in this film which is very hard find and still performed well as trainee lawyer.
Prakash Raj is the only first name which draws audience to the theaters. He suits himself in showing various grey shades. He performed well as a father who in deep pain and a village head who struggles to get back the lost admiration in the society.

Technical and Other Departments:

Usually stars’ kids chose a masala or a commercial entertainer for their debut. But mega family member Allu Sirish, son of producer Allu Aravind, has chosen a family drama based on a social cause. In his launch movie, he has given wonderful performance, which is one of the main highlights in the film. He has emoted well in sentimental scenes and is at complete ease in action sequences.
Preetha’s camera work is a main attraction in the technical front. The cinematographer has done brilliant work in capturing the atmosphere in the village. His picturisation in songs is also good and a visual treat.
S Thaman’s music and background are second highlight in the technical stuffs. His soundtracks are soothing and melodious. His background score elevates several emotional scenes.
Other technical stuffs like costumes, makeup, art direction and dialogues are also decent and commendable.

Movie Analysis:

Gouravam is social drama with rich production values. Debutante Allu Sirish’s electrifying performance is the main highlight in the film. Radha Mohan’s interesting story and narration, S Thaman’s enchanting music, Preetha’s beautiful cinematography, well choreographed action and dance and a few sentimental scenes are other attractions of the movie.The movie deals with a universal problems – the issue of honour killing and it also throws light on discrimination and caste system, which is still prevailing in the country even after 60 years of its independence. Radha Mohan, who has penned the story and screenplay besides direction, has clubbed creativity with commerce. He has nicely blended a love story into this serious subject. He has also included some action scenes to suit the taste of young audience.Arjun is a young man who goes from the city to a village in search of his friend, who has gone missing. How he finds him out will form the story of the movie. Although it is a message-oriented movie, Gouravam is not preachy. It is quite entertaining and encouraging for youth. At times, some emotional scenes are dragging and they might bore some section of viewers.

Final View:

Gouravam has an intense and unique subject, which provokes your thought. It also has got best performance from the lead actors. But slow and dragging narration may keep away a section of audience from the theatres. If you are mega family fan, don’t miss to watch Sirish’s intense performance.

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