Film : Shadow(Telugu, 2013)
Cast : Venkatesh, Tapsee, Srikanth , Madhurima
Music : S. Thaman
Cinematography : Prasad Murella
Editing : Marthand K. Venkatesh
Studio : United Movies
Director : Meher Ramesh
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Screenplay : Meher Ramesh
Story : Kona Venkat , Gopimohan
Distributed by : Suresh Productions(USA & Canada)
Release date : April 26, 2013
Budget : 30 crore (US$5.5 million)
Watched Theater : Siva, Guntur
Rating : 2.75 / 5

Venkatesh New film Shadow Movie Review :

Victory Venkatesh is a class hero, who has huge amount of family audience in Andhra Pradesh and around the world. But after long time, he has done full length action in his latest outing Shadow, which has been made on par with Hollywood standards. Director Meher Ramesh has shown Venky in a very stylish way and it is the best movie of Meher till date. His work will impress both class and mass audience


Mafia Don, Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) kills an investigative journalist, Raghu Ram (Naga Babu) and his family for preparing a report ‘Shadow’ on his illegal activities. Raghu Ram’s son , Raja Ram (Venkatesh) survives from the attack and grows up with the help of Nasser. He vows to take revenge on Nana. How he brings down Nana’s mafia to zero forms the core of the story.

Artists Performance: 

Venkatesh had donned different get ups in the movie. The bearded look is the look of Shadow which was not conceived well. His normal getup, Raja Ram is good and he looked a lot younger than in Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. And the other character, Chanti, a memory loss patient is horrendous.

Tapsee looked glamourous as Madhu Bala but has very little scope for acting. Srikanth gets an insignificant role as Police cop, Pratap and Madhurima plays his wife. MS Narayana as Psycho Srinivas, a Post Mortem specialist and JP as Home minister managed few laughs here and there. There are several other notable stars like  Suman, Nasser, Shiyaji Shinde, Vennela Kishore, Thagubothu Ramesh who are not used to their potential,

Technical and Other Departments:

Telugu movie Shadow is a revenge drama and the director has blended it with all masala elements like action, comedy, romance and sentiment in it. Victory Venkatesh’s stylish performance is the main highlight in the movie. Meher Ramesh’s screenplay and funny and punch dialogues, S Thaman’s music, Prasad Murella’s picturisation, amazing action scenes, beautiful costumes, makeup and art directions are its other attractions. But the predictable story and monotous and slow-paced narration in the second half is the main drawback of the film.

Movie Analysis:

Shadow has a routine storyline, but Meher Ramesh has made it interesting watch by including twists and turns. It should be mentioned here that the director is known for copying scenes from other Telugu films and he has continued it here in Shadow too. There are a few scenes, which have been copied from hit movie, and Gabbar Singh Anthyakshari scene is the best example for it.The movie revolves around a guy taking revenge on an international don. Besides stunning action, the director has also included sister sentiment and a lot of comedy to woo Venkatesh’s family audience. He has got good grip over the narration of whole show. The first half of the film is a laugh riot and Venkatesh tickles your funny bones as memory loss patient. This portion also has lot of action, family sentiment and entertainment.

But Shadow becomes quite slow and monotonous by the end of first half and it hits the rough patch in the second half, which is quite predictable and dragging. Although he has lot of masala stuff in this portion, the director may not be able to hold your attention for too long.

Final View:

Despite the best efforts of Victory Venkatesh at ripe age and producer’s full freedom, Meher Ramesh delivers a substandard product. Its high time he realizes that story is the hero of any movie other than concentrating on foreign schedule, chopper shots and calling it stylish picturization. Finally, Shadow is a forgettable movie for Venkatesh and his fans.

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