Film : Sukumarudu (Telugu, 2013)
Cast : Aadi,Nisha Aggarwal,Ghattamaneni Krishna,Sharada,Chandra Mohan
Music : Anoop Rubens
Cinematography : Sai Sreeram
Editing : Praveen Pudi
Director : G. Ashok
Producer : K. Venugopal
Studio : Sri Soudhamini Creations
Release date : May 10, 2013
Watched Theater : Bhaskar Delux, Guntur
Rating : 1.25 / 5
Aadi New Telugu Film Sukumarudu Movie Review:

Dialogue King Sai Kumar’s son ‘Aadi’ is all set to hit the screens with ‘Sukumarudu’. The movie is releasing today across the world and it has Nisha Aggarwal as the female lead opposite Aadi. Superstar Krishna and veteran actress Sharada will be seen in crucial roles in this movie. G.Ashok has directed this film and Venugopal is the producer. Let us see how this movie is.


The story is about a rich young guy, Sukumar (Aadi) who lives abroad. His family is back home in a beautiful village. Hero comes back because of some reason (property), there is a beautiful girl waiting to fall in love (Nisha Aggarwal), hero faces difficulty from few family members and what follows is how the hero manages to win hearts (and property).A tiny difference, Sukumar, in the beginning is money minded and shows traits of selfishness. He comes back to the village with the intention of inheriting 150 Crores(!) from his grandmother Vandanamma (Sharada). Obviously when such a big amount is invovled, there would be some difficulty, here, the difficulty is in the form of Rao Ramesh, his uncle. So much drama without songs is un-thinkable, so, there is Sankari (Nisha). Problem solved, throw in some unwanted songs and a love track.Will Sukumar succeed in getting the property? What happens with the love story? What happens with the grandmother? – form the three hour movie.

Artists Performances:

Positive will definitely be Krishna and Sharad’s presence and performances. Not much else to boost about in the film. Acting from both the lead actors can be said superficial.

Technical and Other Departments:

Technically, the movie is not good. Screenplay is bad, script of the movie left many loopholes in the storyline. Cinematography is just OK. Direction is poor. Editing is forgotton. Loud music in the background to cover-up bad acting (or not acting) is not going to help.

Movie Analysis:

Screenplay of this movie is terrible. There is no logical flow in the proceedings and the whole film has a very jerky feel to it. The director has attempted to tackle various themes in the film – father and son sentiment, grandmother and grandson sentiment, a clever NRI coming back to reform his village etc. The problem is, none of the themes have been tackled properly.  There are gaping loopholes in the plot and many sequences have absolutely no logic. There is excessive melodrama and needless over action in emotional scenes.

The film is way too long. At a few minutes less than 3 hours, the length becomes unbearable when there is basically no story to narrate. The comedy tracks fail to work as the writing is cliched and very poor. Despite the presence of so many talented comedy actors, the loud sequences end up irritating viewers. The romantic track between Aadi and Nisha Aggarwal is very superficial and incomplete. Their screen chemistry is not very good. The placement of songs is very poor and they act as major speed breakers.

Final View:

Acting section, too much acting when not needed and no acting when its definitely needed. No chemistry between the lead roles. Bad comedy, unwanted drama with loud acting, no acting from lead roles, bad placing of songs. Testing audience’s patience cannot be appreciated.

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